getting back to basics and taking a break

Sometimes taking a break and getting back to basics can radically help to clear your thoughts, boost efficiency and shift your perspective and sharpen focus.


online business opportunity, business opportunity

There are many factors to consider when looking for the “perfect’ online business opportunity, but the truth is, as long as you have a few key points covered, most business opportunities are what ‘you’ make of them.


worrying about what others think

Do you find yourself missing opportunities because of what others think and looked back later wishing you had taken your own advice?


putting  you first, happy with yourself

If you’re searching for how to be happy with yourself… the answer is simple! Put YOU first. I know it sounds contrary to the way we are taught, but the reason isn’t selfish… it’s a must!


being a giver

Have you tried to be a giver so much that you have found you’re done nothing more than sell yourself short? This post might sound slightly controversial, but it is a home truth that’s definitely worth thinking about.


starting online business

Starting an online business and achieving success can only be accomplished by applying common sense and hard work and never by chasing magical tools or get rich quick systems.


Would the Real Me Please Stand Up?!

by Jayne Kopp on February 29, 2012

real me, real you

Ever felt like you’d lost track of the “real you” and that you were stuck on a treadmill of doom? Lately I went through a transition… where I was sure I’d lost the real me… but took some steps to turn it around.


start a business online

Are you serious about starting a business online or have you been stuck solely thinking about it instead? These days there is no excuse not to start a business online, it just means you’re going to have to learn a few things and to take action.


The Profound Effects of Just One Thing…

by Jayne Kopp on February 18, 2012

one thing, one amazing thing

One thing can change your life in many situations, positive, negative and otherwise. Today we’re focusing on the positive and how you can create incredible results with the right attitude


The Key to Success is all About the Decisions You Make

by Jayne Kopp on February 8, 2012

key to success, making decisions, make a decision, success, decide

No matter what you’d like to achieve in life, the key to success is always based on making decisions and standing by them to see them through.