Do You Know How to Live in the Moment? Do You Live Life to the Fullest?

by Jayne Kopp on May 22, 2010

Sadly, most people do not know how to live in the moment or live life to the fullest.

Living in the moment really isn’t as difficult as it seems once you think about it and strip away all the stress and clutter we allow ourselves to carry around. The problem is most of us have become so good at focusing on things that really DON’T matter, yet we don’t realize we do it.

I don’t watch Television often…..most of the time my kids have full control over the remote!! (I sure know a lot about Hannah Montana, Little Bears Adventures and the Family Channel though!!) However, I digress…(sorry) back to the point: the other night I did have the privilege of watching a show or two that I was smart enough to pre-record! It was Oprah Winfrey interviewing Bret Michaels … who, as you may have heard recently had a real brush with death due to a brain hemorrhage.

When describing his experience while literally facing death, he said that the all he thought about were his loved ones (family and friends). He said that you don’t think about worries, work, responsibilities, bills, debts, or anything else. Nothing else matters! All you really care about is the things that DO matter.

I felt an clear connection and heartfelt understanding of his perspective and fully agree that when something serious happens in life, you just don’t give a “toss” about anything else…but only the things that matter.

I can almost guarantee that when you reach the “pearly gates” you will not tell St. Peter that you are glad you deprived yourself of living in the moment and living life to the fullest!

There are SO many people who don’t enjoy life the way they should and instead let things cloud the gifts of life instead of focusing on happiness and things that matter. We are all guilty of it; but its something that deserves attention and we should live life to the fullest daily.

I have experienced tragedy of friends and family where I have been so absolutely devastated that I can remember as clear as a bell thinking that I’d be willing to live in a grass shack and sell everything off, if my loved ones could be placed back on earth with me just for a little while longer.

We all have issues, things that have happened in our past. Many people have financial woes and are worried sick about debt, work stresses, and all sorts of things that get us down; but when something life-threatening happens its a sure way of jolting everything back into perspective.

We need to learn to place petty things to the back of our minds and evaluate them for what they really are. I’m not saying the weight isn’t heavy, nor am I saying this is always easy to do. What I’m saying is many things are not usually as heavy as we allow them to be.

A friend said to me only last week, that she thinks all we are is little balls of energy. Hmmm… perhaps she’s right…if she is it sure seems silly for little balls of energy to carry a boatload of clutter that cause us not to bounce around and enjoy the ride!

The moral of this story is that if there is something that seems to take over your life that isn’t affecting somebody’s mortality, or isn’t worth spoiling the gift of life over… put it on the back burner. If there is something you want to do in life that’s harmless and might be fun or rewarding, go for it!! Have fun. Look for the bright side of every circumstance and dance like nobody’s watching!

Realize that life is very tentative and we should all give ourselves a slap sometimes to live life to the fullest and learn how to live in the moment!

So go on, shed the heavy, choose to be light and bouncy, have some fun and take some chances… maybe have a glass of wine with a friend after reading this and treat yourself to a belly laugh!! (it’s good for the soul!)

Here’s a terrific resource that recently touched my heart. It teaches you how to begin a new way of being and does a great job of teaching how to live life to the fullest and live in the moment. I’m sure most of you will feel a connection or two to some of the common sense advice!

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