Promoting an Online Business Opportunity – Why Many People Quit:

by Jayne Kopp on June 29, 2010

Promoting an online business opportunity is a wildly exciting undertaking, particularly in the beginning, but sadly, many people quit after a while without really giving it, or themselves a chance to blossom. Here are a few of the reasons:

1) The opportunity isn’t as they envisioned. In other words, they were caught up in the hype, neglected to perform due diligence and jumped in with both feet, only to be sadly disappointed and quit with a bad taste in their mouth. (Often for the whole industry).

2) Lack of knowledge. (Absolutely clueless!) as to how to market their business online, and don’t know where to go for help. This in itself is so frustrating and discouraging, particularly when you’re itching to get your business off the ground. It’s difficult to promote anything if you are not familiar with the many online marketing techniques and strategies and don’t know where to start.

3) Analysis paralysis. (An easy trap to fall into!) Often people turn into “professional students” of internet marketing and become overwhelmed and overloaded with knowledge, yet never actually take the steps to put the knowledge into action. (I’ve done this!)

4) Lose motivation and consistency. Start a business opportunity and gallop out of the gate going “gang busters”. Dive into marketing frothing at the mouth, writing articles, shooting videos, blogging, advertising all over the web with no real direction. If “instant success” isn’t achieved, after a few weeks, they “run out of gas” and lose motivation.

5) Self doubt. – feeling they are not smart enough to learn the online marketing skills to achieve success or often feel unworthy of success. (such a shame, but not unusual!)

It’s important to realize that there are many great business opportunities and with patience and the right mindset anybody can succeed.

The real key to success is taking action, weathering the storm, creating a plan and sticking to it while maintaining motivation. (Don’t give up because the results are not ‘instant. The 3% of people who refuse to give up are the ones who eventually reach their goals).

Success with an online business opportunity does take work and dedication to learn the techniques.

Sometimes you do have to muddle through and dig to get answers; but never lose focus of your reasons for joining an online business opportunity in the first place.

In other words don’t lost sight of your “BIG WHY”- whether it’s to spend more time your children/family, having more time freedom and less stress, or simply to work from home and take control of your finances. Always remember the importance!

If your goals are truly important, they should provide enough motivation to keep going.

The truth is, ANYONE, regardless of experience, can succeed promoting an online business opportunity, or marketing anything else for that matter, but success doesn’t happen overnight. Occasionally you may feel discouraged, but with the right attitude, determination and a little planning and guidance, your chances of success are no less than anybody else.

If you are looking for an affordable & potentially life-changing business opportunity, providing motivation, both personal and financial growth and an incredible training program to teach you internet marketing skills to help you reach your goals, contact me by phone or email to get the details. (It even offers a money back guarantee!)

Don’t give up on your dreams. You can succeed. If I can do it, you can too!

I’m interested in hearing what might be holding you back from building an online business. Leave comments below and I’ll be pleased to see if I can help you find a solution.

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