Grateful & Proud to be a Stay at Home Mom!

by Jayne Kopp on July 7, 2010

Enjoying this time with my children makes me so proud to be a stay at home mom.  Well..maybe it’ not pride…  it’s more like sheer gratitude.  None the less, all I can say it’s the BEST and I highly recommend it. 


If I had a penny for all my friends who look at me in “awe” for being a stay at home mom, as they shuffle their kids to daycare before scooting off to work, flying around like proverbial “farts in wind tunnels, I’d need a new piggy bank!”


The sad truth is, even though many of my friends and acquaintances ‘could’ do exactly the same as me, and earn while being a stay at home mom,  many talk themselves out of it beforegiving it a try.


So many people just “accept” their current situation, even though they hate being a slave to a job.  They either don’t have the confidence or motivation to make the changes, yet they want things to be different so badly!.


The harsh truth is, we can all achieve whatever we want IF we apply ourselves.

 I  am certainly not the brightest bulb in the box, but I DECIDED to make changes and it happened.  & bsp;Change doesn’t usually “just”  happen…
unless of course you win the lottery… but I digress.


I’ve put it down to too many excuses!  “OhI’m not technical”, …”oh… I’m not good on a computer”… “oh I don’t have time to learn”… “oh I wouldn’t know where to start”… and on and on the excuses go…! 


Fact is, I’m not good on a computer, I’m a complete technophobe!  I was short on time, didn’t know where to start, tc… so What’s the point???

 If you can mess around on Facebook or sending trivial emails… you may as well be doing something that results in earning!!! (just sayin’)


Here’s the deal moms, I’m going out to wash the cars and have a water fight with my kids.  Then we’re off to the beach in the convertible!  After that we’re going to have an ice cream, then we’ll come home and have a barbeque.Tonight we’re having a movie night in bed, complete with popcorn and root beer floats. AND… I will be earning all day long while I play! 

Sound good? 

If you are tired of missing out on having fun with your kids, and tired of letting them grow up and change .. while you work; if your’re tired of being married to your JOB,  then don’t you think it’s time to DO something about it??  Isn’t a life like mine worth the effort?  It’s a hell of a lot easier than what you’re doing, working, paying daycare, stressing about finances, etc…


I work a few hours per day, mostly when my kids are sleeping, either in the early morning (by choice) or later at night (also by choice).  I don’t worry about finances;  we can do whatever we want whenever we want! I also don’t worry about missing out and I know I won’t have the guilt most working moms have … EVER! 


You can do the exact same thing, even while working if you just invest even an hour or so per day with consistency!!  In a few short months you could be a stay at home mom too…earning more than your ever did… and I’m not trying to baffle you with BS!


I love being a stay at home mom!  I feel sad to see other moms  tired and stressed… so I’ve actually gone to the lengths of building a training site to help other moms do exactly what I do.  I show them exactly what I did to get to where I am so they can learn how to be a stay at home mom.  


I can’t do anymore than that, but you can!  If you want to learn to earn & learn how to be a home mom, building a great home business, contact me or fill in the form on this page


Kids grow quickly. They’ll be teens before you know it.  Enjoy the time with them  while you can and create some wonderful childhood memories & provide well  for their future while you’re at it! Your kids will also appreciate you being a stay at home mom even more than you will!


Make some changes NOW before the kids are grown!  I’ve put it all on a silver platter!…What are you waiting for?

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