Build a Website or Build a Blog

by Jayne Kopp on July 21, 2010

Build a Website or Build a Blog… Which is best?

Since online marketing is all about building relationships it makes sense that you should have your own piece of the Internet in order to invite your readers to get to know you better.

Although I am very pleased to have recently started this blog, I have absolutely no regrets that one of the first things I learned to do was build a website.

As a complete and utter newbie to online marketing in 2007, I had no idea how to go about building anything and worse, I was completely void of technical skills! When I decided I wanted to build a website, I didn’t have a clue how to do it, and worse yet, how to optimize my site to actually be ‘found’ on the search engines.

I inquired locally for courses to teach me … as well as on the internet. I found that in order to enroll in a course in my area the costs were more than I had hoped to spend at the time, particularly when I knew there were more economical ways to go.

Thankfully, I found a great site builder called Site BuiltIt (SBI) which in my humble opinion, for someone with no previous experience whatsoever, was one of the best moves I made.

SBI teaches far more than how to build a website, but also provides you with an in-depth understanding of Keyword research, creating good content and many aspects of search engine optimization. It also provides you with your own Auto Responder, help on creating e-books and ways to monetize your website.

I also found it incredibly easy to build unlimited stand alone capture pages in order to promote certain aspects of my business without distracting my readers to other parts of my website.

When building a web site or a blog, there is definitely a learning curve to both, however with the thorough in depth training in both Video and written form,(check BOTH links) I am sure that anybody would agree that SBI over delivers and its an absolutely fantastic way to get your ‘feet wet’ and develop a solid understanding of online marketing and internet based business development.

Though there are definitely alternate benefits to ‘blogging’ building a website to gain knowledge is a great option.

If you are currently searching for ways to educate yourself, I would suggest you at least take a close look at SBI (and I mean, really spend some time and take this tour). You will find that in essence it really is all you need to get an awesome foundation and better yet, its all in one place.

I’ve included a link here containing SBI’s take on Blogging or Building. It’s definitely an interesting read although I believe both options have merrits.

Site Build It!

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