Do you Live in Faith or Fear?

by Jayne Kopp on October 18, 2010

faith or fear
When it comes to setting goals for success, or stepping out to try something different or new, are your thoughts filled with fear or faith?

Sadly many people hold back and never attempt some things in life because they allow fear to hold them back and fortify their limiting beliefs.

Others simply abolish ‘fear’ from their mindset and possess faith and optimism which allows them to move forward and often achieve exactly what they had in mind.

Achieving success, regardless of what it is, has a lot to do with your feelings.

I have met a great number of people on the internet who have an excruciating desire to attempt a business venture, yet never take the plunge.

Based on personal estimations I surmise that by proportion, 5% can’t or don’t want to invest either time, money or effort, perhaps 5% weigh other options and 87% lack self confidence and allowed their inner fears to hold them back.

Sadly in my estimation only approximately 3% have enough faith to move forward and act on their dreams and/or ambitions.

It’s true that we all occasionally have an evil ‘little voice’ that attempts to knock us down, perhaps due to lack of sleep the night before, or it likes to creep into our thoughts and hammer us with it’s nasty little opinion in direct response to something unrelated that didn’t quite go right in our personal lives.

When this happens we must immediately reshuffle our mindset, realize they are only ‘thoughts’ and nothing tangible has truly changed as a result of them… then snuff them out!.

If you are a person who has created habit of listening to that nasty little voice, I can’t emphasise strongly enough how much better you’d feel if you learned to ignore it. (or kill it!)

There’s a lot of life to be had and many fantastic opportunities to be experienced. Life is a huge blessing but it’s also a process of learning and growing… and… it goes by fast.

By not having faith in yourself, you are not living life the way you should and could. You are allowing yourself to bypass many awesome experiences and you are preventing yourself from doing things that could bring so much happiness to help you be the best you can be.

I can guarantee that when you reach the ‘pearly gates’ you will not look back on your life and be glad you allowed fear to interfere! (Or should that be ‘interfear’) (Sorry :-) )

To circumvent negatives, I’ve developed a love for personal development… it’s helped me grow in ways I could have never imagined. The other day I was listening to one of my favourite speakers, Patrick Coombs … and he said: (this may not be ‘exact’ but you’ll get the picture):

“Fear is something negative… we feel may happen, …but have no evidence that it will.

Faith is something positive… we feel may happen,… but have no evidence that it will”.

Choose Faith my friends. You have more chance of achieving great things with faith, than you do by listening to fear.

I’d rather walk in faith than walk in fear anytime. It’s a conscious decision I have made…. and I’d love to see you choose the same.

There is much to gain from personal faith, but much to lose without it.

Do you walk in fear or faith?? I’d love to hear what you’ve allowed fear to hold you back from, and what you’ve achieved because you had faith.

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Rachale Kelley October 20, 2010 at 7:22 am

Jayne this article was thought provoking..That is so true…only 3% are successful because they don’t allow fear to stop them..PS I love your blog!!!


Jayne Kopp October 20, 2010 at 9:40 am

Thanks so much Rachale for the nice comments. It is so true though that so many people miss out on all the possibilities because of choosing Fear over Faith! We can only offer encouragement and try to help people change their thought process… one person at a time!


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