Network Marketing|The Meaning & Benefits

by Jayne Kopp on November 15, 2010

Network Marketing

As bizarre as it sounds, it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I really thought about true meaning of “Network Marketing and how beneficial it is to put effort into both “Networking and Marketing” at the same time.

Although I always knew what ‘Network Marketing’ meant, I suppose I never really thought about it closely.  I find it almost laughable that it took reading Ty Tribbles “Network Marketing Job Description” post for the penny to drop and crystallize the definition.    As Ty so eloquently points out, Network Marketing is BOTH networking and Marketing and while I have an additional spin on the ‘networking’ aspect, it’s all part in parcel!

I’ve been an online marketer for almost three years now, and although I’m please with my results, I hate to admit that I know if I’d concentrated on the ‘networking’ as I have on ‘marketing’ I can guarantee I’d be further ahead.

On the Internet – networking is also sort of like ‘cyber mingling’ if you like, and it is amazing what a little socializing with other networkers can do for your business and morale.

As many of us know, working from home can be a little ‘quiet’ at times, after all you’re in your own little corner of the world sat quietly at your computer … occasionally talking to the dog!

I’ve found that taking a little break or two throughout the day to do some networking with networkers, such as checking up on your favourite bloggers, participating in  forums and ‘tweeting’ for a few minutes, is like having a visit with friends and beats ‘water cooler’ gatherings any day!

I also love the fact that I have made tons of friends, some that I consider lifers, just by getting involved, stepping out and commenting on the work and thoughts of others.  As an added bonus, I‘ve made many ‘go to’ friends who share different areas of expertise and are always pleased to offer assistance.

Networking is good for traffic too.  Other networkers, commenters or forum members occasionally visit your site, read your posts and leave comments of their own.  Some may offer advice, suggestions, or occasionally, ask questions presenting the opportunity to ‘give back’.

I was particularly honoured when one of my new fave cyber peeps,  Susanna Hess asked me to write a guest post on her blog, it’s a real boost to the old ego and doesn’t hurt on the exposure side of things either.  You must check her out if you haven’t already.

Additionally since having the privilege of writing on Susanna’s blog, another new friend, Stacy, invited me to do guest post also while she takes a brief sabbatical to welcome her new little human into the world.  I’m currently working towards completing that post.

So many positives have occurred since I started working on networking as much as marketing.  I am so pleased that Ty solidified the true definition in his simple post.

In my opinion the “Network” in Network marketing shouldn’t be ignored.  It’s a wonderful way to feel supported, offer support, to give and receive encouragement, and an excellent way to share and receive all sorts of ideas and strategies for improvement. 

Networking naturally with potential partners is obviously huge, but Networking with others in the industry is one of the best parts of being an internet marketer, after all to succeed in any aspect of life, personal or business; relationship building is what makes the world go around!

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