Internet Marketing Courses | Are They Worth It?

by Jayne Kopp on December 7, 2010

internet marketing courses
Internet marketing courses are available all over the web, in fact every day, you’re hit with the next, best, greatest, “must have” & “can’t live without product” … usually available for a limited time only…AND… in limited supply!

Product launches can certainly elevate blood pressure! You start to wonder if you might miss out on something special, – and worse, think if you don’t jump in and cough up, it just might be a serious mistake and block all potential success!

‘Scuse the sarcasm, but I know many of us have felt the pressure from rabid clever marketing from time to time, especially in the early stages of growing our businesses; which is what prompted me to write this post.

I was talking to a lady this week and the topic of internet marketing courses came up. This lady has purchased dozens of various programs due to being caught up in the hype of product launches. Sadly, she found few of them helpful and hasn’t even bothered with some.

While it is true there are many excellent products and courses to learn from, many leave much to desire and cover ‘just enough’ to give you a taste, then leave you on an almighty cliff-hanger forcing you to “upgrade” to a higher level product in order to unlock the next crucial step.

While all this clever marketing is meant to have this effect, I’d suggest you occasionally ignore it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that internet marketing courses are worthless. I happen to be a huge proponent of investing in education, but my point is to suggest you invest wisely and when YOU need it.

Additionally, there’s a lot of help out there these days and much of the information you need to run and grow your business successfully can actually be found online for Free.

If you investigate, you’ll likely find a number of incredibly knowledgeable and generous entrepreneurs sharing all sorts of valuable information saving you out of pocket expense.

At the point you need more in-depth training, investing in a good quality internet marketing course can take you to the next level and be worth every penny…providing of course you buckle down, actually use and learn from it before moving on the the next one..

As nutty as it sounds, you’d be surprised at how many people impulsively purchase products & programs only to have them sit around and collect dust and eventually be forgotten.

I’ve done it!! Not proud of it, but over the last few years I’ve spent a small fortune in courses and education. Some I absorbed like an almighty sponge, and others I barely glanced at.

Having lived and learned I’ve realized you can only learn so much at once, you do need to take the time to use what you buy and only purchase additional products when you have the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Again, investing in your education and tools is something I’m all for, but getting caught up in hype and impulsively purchasing everything that flashes before your eyes, (regardless of the temptation) isn’t the smartest move and it’s hard on the pocket book too!.

My inbox used to fill up daily with info on hyped-up products promoted by heavy hitting novices, but these never never add value or produce promised results; hence making it senseless to impulsively tie up cash resources purchasing these so called internet marketing courses, particularly if there is no value and you can’t put them to good use.

Pay attention to knowledgeable entrepreneurs, and note their suggestions on both free advice and recommended tools.

Don’t worry about skipping a course or two and never fall for some get rich quick, autopilot promise from someone sitting in their undies at the other side of the world.

Growing an online business involves does involve learning curves at all stages and their will always be room for improvement. Having said that, there will also always be another internet marketing course just around the corner.

Since everything takes time and energy to implement, and there;s only so much you can do at once, I’d suggest using and learning from what you have and implementing your knowledge before purchasing more.

Hard work, will help you succeed. Internet marketing courses can be a great investment but only providing they are well chosen and you take the time to learn from them.

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