Taking Time Out is Good for the Soul!

by Jayne Kopp on January 26, 2011

Take Time Out

Take Time Out

Taking time out is good for the soul whether we can bring ourselves to come to terms with it or whether we like to acknowledge it or not.

As some of you know I decided to take time out for a few days as of last Thursday. I found I had so many things to take care of and deal with that I began to feel incredibly overwhelmed, scattered and exhausted. On some days I had no idea where to start, and anything I did start seemed like a struggle.

Thursday and Friday I spent some time just getting the house in order. It was much easier to accomplish these tasks knowing that I had nothing hanging over my head and getting in the way of my focus. After I’d reached some level of satisfaction, I found that when I sat down to do some scheduling or ‘priority management,’ it was much easier to analyze what else needed to be done in an orderly fashion.

Friday evening I spent a little time down at the local Fisherman’s hall. Many friends had gathered to help get the facility set up for my friends Celebration of Life to be held on the Saturday.

Saturday, I was able to enjoy the whole day attending the service (which was fun even in light of our loss) and helping out in the kitchen serving some of the awesome food brought by our incredible friends. (You wouldn’t have believed it unless you saw it!).

Later, we were able to have a good laugh listening to many stories from years past of the various hilarious antics of our much loved friend, Dan the Man.

Saturday evening turned out to be one of the best parties ever! (And believe me, we’ve had some doozies!!) Friends came from far and wide to attend the service and wake. It was a time of re-connecting with literally hundreds of old friends from the past. We enjoyed our evening laughing, joking, reminiscing and dancing… not to mention enjoying a few cocktails too. We’d have made Dan proud that he trained us well! :-)

I feel that if I had not addressed my personal need to take time out I would not have been able to let my hair down (so to speak) and enjoy the evening to the fullest extent as I would have with the dismal dark cloud of ‘things to do’ getting in the way.

Sunday was in essence a day of recovery…(lol) the old body can’t do it like it used to. :-(

Monday… (urrgh believe it or not), I battled a nasty stomach bug which by the way had nothing to do with above mentioned festivities!

Nevertheless, I felt guilt free in my recovery period because I had already taken the time to reorganize and reshuffle previously, so I took this time to further enhance my priority management and added to my list in a relaxed fashion. I also was able to spend additional time thinking things through and really appreciating my friends, family and counting many blessings.

I have to say it was a wonderful exercise and today I feel I’m right back where I feel I should be with a clear vision of where I am and what I need to accomplish.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and a little foggy, I would highly recommend you do yourself a favour and take a time out as well. It’s good for the mind, body & soul! ;-)

I know it’s a hard concept to digest that taking a break might actually help to get you further ahead… but it does!. I knew this when I wrote my post “Slow Down to Go Faster”.

The human body and mind can take on only so much and when things start to spiral, taking a little break to evaluate and reorganize is one of the best things you can do for yourself regardless of who you are or what you have on your plate.

I appreciate the most difficult challenge to overcome while stepping back is the almighty ‘guilt complex’ we place in our minds, caused by expecting so much of ourselves and laying heavy burdens upon our shoulders of what needs to be done.

While I realize we all have things to do… the reality is most things can wait! Many things we ‘deem’ important are not nearly as important as we give them credit for.

Life is very short (unfortunately shorter for some) as I’ve once again been reminded. Taking time out to re evaluate life, where you are at, or simply to spend time with your children, friends and family is paramount. After all when it is our turn to approach the ‘pearly gates’ we are not going to look back and say “hmmm I sure wished I’d stressed more and worked harder”.

Now in case I seem “loosy goosy”, I’d like to remind you that I am all about being productive and being ambitious. I love to push myself beyond levels already reached and move on to the next step in my stairway of goals, but my point here is to encourage you to find balance and look after yourself mentally and physically first and foremost.

You may be surprised to find that most people applaud you for making the choice to simmer down a little and support you for doing so. You find that indeed the world continues to move forward, but once recharged I can tell you as living proof that taking time out to recharge helps make better use of it!

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Martin January 27, 2011 at 2:44 am

It’s very hard to do, but you are right. It is very important to take time out.
Sometimes I wish my day wasn’t chopped up with various responsibilities, but then on the other hand, maybe that is what’s best.

It gives me a break, (diversion)

Good post,
Martin recently posted..Don’t be a Jerk on Facebook!My Profile


Jayne Kopp January 31, 2011 at 10:35 pm

HI Martin, sorry for the late response.. my day is also chopped up as well, hence overlooking a few comments. ((sorry)).

Taking a break is difficult especially when you are driven.

I think though sometimes it just gives you time to re fuel and refocus… and that is a very good thing! Thanks Martin for stopping by!


Oliver Tausend January 26, 2011 at 11:29 am

Hi Jayne,

you are sharing a powerful lesson here: Taking time out is very important in order to recharge our batteries. Going down while feeling exhausted doesn’t do any good to anybody.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care



Jayne Kopp January 31, 2011 at 10:36 pm

Hi Oliver, sorry for taking so long to acknowledge your comment. I always love seeing you here.

You are absolutely right… and I was going down fast. I am sure glad I had the sense to recognize it before I was too far under to dig myself out.

Thanks for coming to visit! Jayne


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