Starting an Online Business| Why Some Never Do

by Jayne Kopp on January 28, 2011

Giving Up on Your Online Business

So many people have dreams of starting an online business but never do.

I’ve spoken to countless people looking to make positive changes to their current situations, ranging from the unemployed, stay at home parents, working parents or people simply wishing to earn a better living. Sadly many never do it. In other words… they quit before they start!

There have also been many times I was ‘absolutely sure’ that a person would partner with me… or at very least take a different path and end up doing something for themselves, only to learn shortly after they had dismissed the idea all together.

Though there are many reasons people trash their ambitions, listed blow are a few of the most common:

1) I’m just not technical or good on the computer.
2) I don’t like sales
3) I can’t write
4) Cant afford to start a business right now
5) My friends and family think I’m nuts.
6) Too competitive
7) Afraid of being scammed.

These reasons are really “excuses” not to move forward in my opinion. Worse than that, they are limiting beliefs that people have ‘chosen’ to adopt because they:

a) Lack confidence and fear failure
b) They are not truly ambitious or serious about making changes
c) They can’t be bothered to put in the effort.

I’m sorry if this hits a nerve, but I believe it is the bottom line. Though I never argue their points, (what would the point be anyway?) If I were to speak with my ‘outside’ voice, here’s how I’d respond to each of these “excuses”:

“I’m not technical or good on the computer”:

Three years ago when I decided to take the plunge and start my own online business, I knew nothing more than how to send and receive emails and surf the web. My greatest skill might have been to send an attachment… but even that was hit and miss.

You don’t have to be a computer whiz or technical to start. You will find the few skills that do come in handy are things you tend to pick up and learn as time goes by.

“I’m not good at sales”:

Sales experience is NOT required!

This day and age, people won’t often be sold and don’t respond well to heavy hitters.

This industry is actually about sharing and suggesting options anyway. More importantly putting your business in front of the right people in the first place, who are looking for what you have, hence making selling a non-issue.

“I Can’t Write”:

Welcome to the club I say!

The reality is, anybody can write … if they can talk.

I’ts absolutely imperative that you understand that your writing is not being scrutinized by an English professor. If you can simply get your message across as you would if you spoke to your friends, that is all that is required.

Besides, according to a report I read not long ago, most people operate or read more comfortably to material written at a Grade 5 level.

“I can’t afford it”:

While it’s true many people are facing financial challenges, this ‘excuse’ doesn’t still hold water either.

Starting an online business does not have to break the bank. In fact starting an online business is incredibly economical when compared to most offline ventures… and believe it or not, many options can be started with no out of pocket expense.

It’s worth mentioning, while on the ‘affordability’ topic, that the whole idea of starting an online business in the first place is likely so you WILL be able to afford to do the things you want; therefore this is a weak excuse!

“My Friends/Family think I’m nuts”.

Welcome to the club again! (So what else is new I ask!?) :-)

I know all about friends or family questioning your decision to start an online business.

I have endured many a raised eyebrow and many of my friends were about to call the men in the white coats to take me away.

On a serious note, all I can suggest is: Never quit based on what others say. There’s a good chance they don’t understand the concept, therefore cannot ‘back’ these opinions by knowledge or experience.

Always follow your own dreams. One day you may be asking ‘who’s laughing now?”

“Too much competition”:

The ‘too competitive’ excuse makes me want to throw plates!

Too competitive compared to what I ask?

Yes, there are millions of internet entrepreneurs (there’s got to be a reason for that), but there are also millions of restaurants. So what’s your point?

Many people can’t grasp the fact that the internet puts you in front of the largest audience on the planet. You can literally reach the ends of the earth sitting in own home while being on stage in front of millions of people!

You only need to connect with a microscopic fraction of this audience and you have the ability to earn a more than comfortable living. Besides… there’s lots of room at the top!

“I’m afraid of being scammed!”

There is no doubt there are plenty of scams on the internet, but there are also many questionable ventures offline too.

The internet provides a plethora of excellent and legitimate online business options and if you use common sense, choose wisely and work within your budget, scams or being scammed is a non-issue.


If these are excuses keep you glued to the fence I hope I’ve been able to present decent arguments to help shift your perspective to help you get in the game.

If you have the desire to move forward, but need a nudge, feel free to contact me to get your questions answered. I’d love to see you start your own online business and make some positive life changes. Besides, if I can do it, you can too.

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Oliver Tausend January 29, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Hi Jayne,

that hits the nail on its head: How many people are failures because they don’t even get started with something new and challenging.

Can we really help them ?

I don’t think so. I would never try to convince anybody because I took the decision to only work with volunteers.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care



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