Internet Marketing | Is Writers Block blocking Your Amibition?

by Jayne Kopp on February 1, 2011

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Internet Marketing -Is Writers Block Blocking Your Ambition?

Have you decided against an internet marketing career because you’re not a confident writer?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. I’ve heard this excuse over and over again, but I have discovered that even some existing internet marketers feel they are expert writers either.. The reality is however, if we all listened to that nasty little voice in our minds, the Internet would be a pretty quiet place!

I also battled with writing when I first got started, but decided instead to look upon creating content as an adventure… and since writing is the most effective way to communicate (no getting around it), I also decided I was going to learn to like it! :-)

When I started writing, I wasn’t sure if I should come across like a news reporter, or a columnist for a magazine! Eventually I simply decided to imagine I was talking to friends about topics I found interesting.

When ‘I got out of my own way” and decided not to take it so serious I found it easier to put my thoughts & words down on paper as naturally as I would “say” them. Though admittedly, my writing can often use some polishing… it seems to do the trick so I’m just rolling with it!

I find that using a pencil and paper to first outline my posts, articles and web pages, helps tremendously, rather than just hammering aimlessly at the keyboard. There’s a different feel to it somehow… it’s calming and helps you organize your plan of attack before you start gazing into your screen.

Here’s what I do:
** Jot down a title
** List a few points
** Briefly expand on those points (notice I say briefly?) … well I try
** Add my closing paragraph…

I know it sounds easy when you say it fast but it does help me!

I feel it will help you too, to realize writing is not as scary as you think. I know you can do it, besides, if you can ‘think’ you CAN write!

To offer encouragement, I read an article not long ago stating that most people “scan” when browsing anyway, and actually read and absorb at only a Grade 5 level! I’m not suggesting you’re typing to an uneducated bunch at all… I’m simply sharing this to help you realize that you don’t have to be perfect! Besides, I highly doubt your site will be scrutinized by an army of English professors anytime soon!

Another suggestion to save you pain & suffering is to integrate Audio and Video into your sites. Some people find that much easier. (I’m not one of them to be honest… but that’s my next challenge… and I’ll spare you the details until a future post!) :-)

Being bound by writers block is frustrating also…. and sometimes if you DO know what to write… you just can’t seem to say it.

I have those days regularly. Yesterday was painful….I felt like a game of scrabble in a blender thinking in nothing but tag clouds. (If you don’t know what a tag cloud is… just look to those jumbled words to the right).

I’ve found if you just can’t seem to find the words, it might help to nosey around the internet to see how others have described a similar topic. This can help to twig many ‘ah ha’ moments. It’s like WD40 for the brain! I’m not suggesting you plagiarize (at all)… but sometimes reading the way others express things helps you find your own words when they just won’t flow naturally.

Speaking of ‘reading’ – reading books helps to get your creative juices flowing too, and depending on the book can provide plenty of topics to write about. . It is also helpful to improve grammar, structure your sentences and use punctuation effectively. (If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t done much book reading lately… but do as I say, not as I do!) ;-)

Take a course. There are many refresher courses available. Many night Schools offer courses to brush up on writing skills, which may assist if your ‘school days’ were many moons ago.

Alternatively, check into online courses. This way you can practice and brush up on your writing sills from home in your spare time.

Keep a diary. Keeping a diary of the day’s events also helps you improve your writing. Particularly if you use this time to focus on improving.

As any writer will tell you, practice is the key to improvement.

Just don’t be hard on yourself and remember you don’t have to be a perfect writer to express yourself effectively, nor do you have to write a novel to get your point across.

Making a start might even alert you to the fact that you are better than you thought. In any event, just start and practice, practice practice…and you will improve. Who knows you might even start to enjoy it!

If you truly wish become an internet entrepreneur and start an online business, I encourage you to get over it, have faith and dive in. You will get better with time, although you’re probably not nearly as bad as you think. Besides, you have nothing to lose and have much to gain.

Don’t let your supposed lack of writing skills hold you back from experiencing a career in internet marketing. It might be one of the best decisions you ever make!

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Oliver Tausend February 1, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Hi Jayne,

if we keep our minds open, communicate with people and read a lot ourselves, we should be able to write posts with a length of 300-500 words on a daily consistent basis.

We should, that doesn’t mean we have to.

Especially reading other people’s stuff is very important – not to copy it but to get some inspiration.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care



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