How to Choose a Legitimate Business

by Jayne Kopp on February 6, 2011

Legitimate Business

Legitimate Business

You might be wondering how to choose a legitimate business opportunity, particularly after reading my last post where we discussed avoiding internet scams.

Now that you‘ve decided to get the show on the road, you know how to protect yourself, it’s now time to find a legitimate business opportunity; and although there are many excellent options, you must keep in mind that not all of them are created equal!

With that said, let’s find something at the ‘higher’ end of the spectrum that is perfect for you!

Now just as a side note (and has nothing to do with legitimacy)…I firmly believe that selecting a business opportunity that aligns with your passions, boosts your chances of success. After all, we all ‘choose’ this industry to build a better life and lifestyle, so it only makes sense to actually enjoy your new venture and make it count.

Once you’ve found something that feels right, the very next important task is to ensure it is indeed trustworthy!

Here are my suggestions:

**Avoid any company promising or guaranteeing “Instant Wealth” in fact…. Run away screaming. :-)

While many companies may suggest it’s possible to earn a terrific income… (and it is VERY true) there is NO guarantee it will be instant, automatic regardless of who or what the company is about!

**Always read the disclaimer and company policy thoroughly to ensure you know the “ins and outs”. Make sure the company doesn’t have the right to withhold payment, etc… and any thing else you might pick up in the fine print. In other words, ensure you go over all their policies, procedures, with a fine tooth comb.

I personally prefer businesses that pay YOU first… and leave it in your hands to remit to the company. Having said that, if the company is set up differently, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are less trustworthy. My point is to just to be careful and protect yourself.

**It should always be easy to contact the company by telephone at any time during regular business hours. There also should be a support line available to help you through any challenges or questions.

If there is no telephone number or address on the website, that’s not a comforting sign!

If there is a telephone number… Call it! :-)

It should never be difficult to get in touch with a live person to get your questions answered if the need arises!

**Ensure you are clear on the products and that they provide value and are worth the investment. Never market a business opportunity that doesn’t supply a product at all, yet requires payment from you to market an ‘idea’.

**Thoroughly investigate the compensation plan to ensure it will reward you for your efforts… and that is what it ‘says’ it is.

I.e.: you don’t have to pass up your first 10 sales before you can earn a commission!

**Be aware of ALL Costs up front. If the company is not crystal clear about your investment, future costs, possible auto shipments, etc… don’t jump in until you have all the answers. Legitimate business opportunities spell it out up front!

**Find out who the owner(s) are. You do not want to be working with a nameless, faceless individual.

**Search the web for reviews. Often you will find feedback, both negative and positive. Obviously if the negative feedback outweighs the positive… the answer should be clear.

**Investigate additional support offered by the company. Most companies, MLM, direct sales, etc will provide you with at least some basic marketing tools and information. Many companies also schedule calls to keep you in the loop as well as to provide additional training, motivation, support and advice. This is very helpful.

**Ask others either in person (by searching for other representatives) or visit business forums on line. Ask questions and see what kind of answers you receive.

I followed all of these steps and performed the same due diligence. I know these tips hold water and helped me select an awesome and legitimate business that I have now enjoyed for three years and still maintain the same sense of passion.

If you would like further assistance or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at any time to get your questions answered.

Alternatively, if you have any advice you might like to add to my tips above, I would love to hear your comments below!

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