The Law of Cause and Effect | A Lesson for Life

by Jayne Kopp on February 22, 2011

the law of cause and effect
The Law of Cause and Effect is another one of the 12 universal laws that can be applied to just about every aspect of your life.

It teaches that for every action, there will always be a reaction in direct proportion.

Once you realize the power of the Law of Cause and Effect, you will be able to use the knowledge to produce the results you desire in every area of your daily life.

For everything you experience, rewards or disappointment, it is always an interesting exercise to determine what caused the results, good or bad, intentional or not.

Many people complain with regards to their degree of success, then and rather than search for the square root of what caused it, they are more apt to point and blame everything or everyone else rather that determine what it is they themselves have not done correctly.

Being able to accept the truth to this law relies largely on your personal state of mind and whether we are mature enough to embrace the fact that each of us are solely responsible for all outcomes. If we can determine what we did wrong or what could improve upon, or what we did correctly, we can either refrain from, or continue on with the aligning cause, good or not so good.

This is particularly true for those of use who run our own business. If we find ourselves working hard every day, but not producing results, we should be prompted to take the time to determine exactly what it is that causes the outcome.

Of course the reverse is also true. If we reap excellent results, we should also determine what we are doing right… and naturally continue on the same path.

The above was a business analogy, but the law of Cause and effect is applicable to other parts of our life as well.

For example, it backs up the fact that what goes around also comes around, so we should be very conscious of our actions and even the thoughts we have towards others.

We should always treat others in the manner in which we would like to be treated.

If we are disrespectful to people, we will one day have to face the same treatment.

If on the other hand we are kind and generous and have only positive genuine intentions, we will be rewarded particularly if we have no selfish agenda.

Its’ kind of like karma in the way that you will be rewarded or punished in direct proportion to your actions or thoughts.

I feel the law of cause and effect provides an excellent lesson for all of us. It is something we should always pay attention to and act in accordance to its true message.

This will not only help to steer us on the right path, but it is a great way to keep our morals and intentions in line.

If we fly at our business with the intentions of providing terrific support and value to our customers, we will be rewarded eventually in equal proportion. Others will detect your kindness and generosity and will be encouraged to stand by you to support you in any way they can.

Always think about your actions and intentions. This will help you determine the desired outcome but more importantly help you choose the correct way to achieve it.

I have a who has faced horrendous challenges caused by a particular person in her life.

Though for many years has endured verbal abuse and incredible torment, but has always responded in a respectful manner and tried to do the right thing.

Eventually, the challenges because so unbearable that they had to be dealt with legally.

Despite being told over and over that what goes around comes around, she remained unsure as to whether this would ring true in her case, but being that the facts spoke for themselves, and it was obvious she had always taken the high road, the ruling was overwhelmingly in her favor.

The opposite party was made to correct his actions as well as pay for past actions.

My point is here that its not only where money or financial gain or success is concerned, but the law of cause and effect holds no prejudices when it comes to what goes around comes around regardless of whether the situation is personal or not.

This law should be held in high regard and with great respect.

Whether you are working on building a business, working towards a specific goal, or building relationships, it is always advisable to go about it in a positive and genuine manner.

If the return is negative, then you will have to take full responsibility and change whatever is causing the outcome.

If the results are positive it is a good indication that the Law of Cause and Effect is working and rewarding you because you wholeheartedly deserve it.

I find it uncanny how each of the universal laws are intertwined. You can likely see the similarities between the Law of Attraction, Vibration and Divine Oneness as well as this Law of Cause and Effect. I look forward to sharing more on the universal laws in future posts.

Do you have any specific examples of how the Law of Cause and Effect has either helped you or held you back in your life? I’d love to hear some stories and examples.
Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Oliver Tausend February 23, 2011 at 2:10 am

Hi Jayne,

interesting mindset post. If we live according our good intentions and practise what we preach, we simply feel better about ourselves. We love ourselves. This is a very important cause and highly powerful because if we love ourselves, we are also able to love others.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care



Karlene February 22, 2011 at 11:29 pm

Hi Jayne,
The Law of cause & effect is so incredibly far reaching that its almost hard to wrap out human minds around the powerful effect it has!
I like where you mentioned “they are more apt to point and blame everything or everyone else” which should never be a part of the life of someone aspiring to build a legitimate business nor is it healthy to their well being to do so! Like my Grandpa used to say, “Though a man fall many times, he is never a failure until he blames someone else.”

Practicing the Golden Rule is a sure way to success in all areas of life!

Thanks for sharing Jayne!
See you around!



Steve Nicholas February 22, 2011 at 11:20 am

Great post, Jayne! I think that it is so important to look at what worked and what didn’t work, and try to figure out why. However, I think that we should realize that we shouldn’t be too proud to ask if we are looking and we just can’t figure out what we are missing if we aren’t getting the results that we want.


Jayne Kopp February 22, 2011 at 11:37 am

Hi Steve, Thanks for coming by, you are absolutely right on the part about pride. It is a great time saver and people are usually pleased to help. There is nothing wrong with having to modify our behavior, we just have to be mature enough to own the fact that we can always improve. Thanks again!


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