The Law of Compensation to Add Fuel to Your Fire!

by Jayne Kopp on February 22, 2011

the law of compensation
The Law of Compensation is an incredibly encouraging law, and has provided me with motivation and strengthened my mindset on many occasion, particularly when I started my internet marketing business.

If you are involved in Network/Internet marketing, I am sure there have been times when you felt as though you were climbing a slippery slope & working like mad but didn’t feel to get ahead as quickly as anticipated.

This is where the Law of Compensation should be embraced as it states that regardless of what it is you are working to achieve, you will eventually reap rewards in direct accordance to the effort you have put forth.

This is particularly empowering in times where you feel like throwing in the towel, because it also teaches that by working consistently with a positive mindset, sooner or later your ‘cup of effort’ will reach the top and start to overflow with payback.

I wrote a guest post a few months ago this law for Susanna Hess. If you are in need of a boost today, I would like to suggest you head on over to her blog and learn more.

Not much in life is free, more often than not we must work hard in order to succeed and though often we feel we are working for naught, the Law of compensation states that we are usually closer to reaching our goals than we realize.

I know this law has proven itself many times over in my life. Let me know your thoughts and experiences on the law of compensation and whether you feel it states the truth.

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Mavis Nong @ Attraction Marketing February 23, 2011 at 3:32 am

Hey Jayne,

I totally agree. Your bank account gives a true reflection of the work that you put into your business.

Thanks for the encouragement ;)

All the best,


Jayne Kopp February 23, 2011 at 10:50 am

Hi Mavis, you’re bank account at the end of the day will be a way to measure your efforts, but in the meantime, if you feel discouraged, being aware of The Law of Compensation is empowering and motivational and is meant to keep you on track. As long as we are willing to tweak and adjust where necessary, as well as keep our noses to the grind rather than throwing in the towel, we are often closer than we think. Thanks for stopping by! Jayne


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