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by Jayne Kopp on April 4, 2011

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Did you know that you CAN train your brain for success?

In yesterdays post discussing self image, I shared some thoughts from John Assaraf.

I got a lot out of listening to his talk, and although we all hear people talking about the power of the mind, we are often left wondering how to put mind programming into effect.

His explanation made a lot of sense.

He explained that the way we act is due to our internal mind programming and that everything we do, or the way we act is a result of something that has happened in our past and taken root in our belief system.

In other words, everything we do is a result of what we think about, or not… and what we do… or not and everything stems from that meatloaf between our ears and what we put into it and train it to believe.

If what we do or how we think is not producing desired results, there is a cause producing this effect. In order to change the outcome, it is necessary to determine what causes the undesirable results and then get to work on training your brain for success rather than allow it to believe the negative lies it is used to.

There is now scientific proof that the brain is reprogrammable and the analogy he used was that our minds are like computers. This is how he explained it:

Our bodies are like the exterior case of the computer.

Inside is our brain… which can be likened to the operating system.

Our thoughts and actions are as a result of the ‘software’ we put into our operating systems. In other words, the information we feed it.

Over the years, particularly when we are older, our thoughts (old versions or software) have been run, and run, and run, and fortify nasty thoughts and beliefs. These are like viruses.

When our software does not produce our desired results, we must remove it, get rid of viruses (bad or negative thoughts) and upgrade the software to run more effectively!

Now naturally our thoughts cannot be immediately changed quite as easy as installing a new software program… and our internal viruses do need a little more work to remove.

This is because we have become so accustomed to using this old software…i.e. our thoughts about our capabilities, self image or success, all the negatives have taken root because of been run repetitively and have caused us to cling onto thinking a certain way.

They have become so ingrained into our belief system that we actually ‘own’ those thoughts and count them as truth because we don’t know any different… (whether they possess any value or not).

If you think about it, the way we feel about ourselves could have come from something far back in our childhoods and because we don’t know how to operate differently, we have layered these thoughts over and over again and that is why it’s so difficult to remove them.

Its kind of like stripping layers and layers of old dried paint! :-)

A newborn comes into the world with a clean hard drive. No funky software has been installed on their operating systems yet.

If this baby is only fed positive reinforcement, he or she will grow up acting accordingly.

On the other hand if the baby is continuously fed negatives, he or she will only become accustomed to those thoughts as she or she will not know any different and will accept the programming as truth.

We now know that we can change or reprogram our minds but it will take work and attention.

Most people want “instant” change and don’t have the sticking power to follow through.

When results don’t appear immediately, more often than not, we impatiently abandon our tasks as it’s easier to fall back on what we know or grew up believing.

If you want to override the things that hold you back, you must decide to be committed to changing your mind program in order to force the new software to run effectively.

Did you catch that? Committed!!! (Not interested). If we are only interested it means just that, committed on the other hand means we will be unstoppable until we have achieved what we set out to do.

Here are a few mind programming facts and techniques on how to retrain your brain.

First of all, write your goals down on a piece of paper. Research proves that people who actually WRITE their goals down have a 50% higher success rate than those who only think about them or are ‘interested’.

Spend time focusing on your goals every day and strategically planning the necessary steps to achieve them.

Spend up to 30 minutes per day adding new thoughts and affirmations to your self image. I have heard this before, but I heard it again from John Assaraf that it takes 3-5 positive reinforcements to conquer one negative.

Continual commitment will help you train your brain and fortify your mindset in order to improve your self image and feed you the motivation to do the tasks you need to do.

Spend as much time as possible determining what new beliefs you need to adopt and the things you need to change about yourself in order to start to subscribe to what is possible.

If you need a little help to get the ideas rolling, think of someone who is currently successful. Pay attention to what they believe and follow their mind structure and copy their software. :-)

A person who is already successful runs a very different type of software to what you might currently be running! All their thinking is congruent with a person who is already successful.

A person, who is not, has thought patterns paralleling their current situation.

For example a millionaire thinks like a millionaire, while a person earning only 15,000 per year thinks like a person earning this amount.

Once you work on upgrading your software, you must then take confident action to get used to it, and start to do new things… even if it means being outside your comfort zone.

For somebody such as me, building my internet business, this could mean posting a You Tube video and sharing other posts and articles on the social networks. Sometimes you have to step out to shine. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

It is absolutely imperative you spend time each and every single day working towards changing your software and getting used to your new self image and recognizing your potential.

As I have said, don’t just take an interest. The more you work on your mind programming and training your brain you will find in very short order, it is said that these new thoughts take effect between as little as one week. By the time you reach twelve weeks these new thoughts WILL become automatic.

The new positive path will grow over the negative path, in fact it is said that the negatives in actuality start subscribing to the positives to add more power to your computer speed.

If you need help being accountable, building a support system such as working with a coach or an accountability partner will keep you from falling back and reinforcing your old internal lies and will help you change the causes of your current situation to produce the effect you desire.

Feel free to contact me at any time for coaching or advice.

Are you ready to train your brain? Do you have any stories you can share about mind programming that will add to this post? Leave comments below!

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Jym @ Attraction Marketing April 7, 2011 at 1:42 am

This is a powerful post indeed Jane!

Mindset, in terms of the way we experience and create our lives, is everything. Everything.

We are not our thoughts, or our thinking habits, so we can change them. This has to be job number one if we want to change the results we’re getting in our lives.

Your thoughts and lead to your actions, and your actions create your results.

Want to change? Change your mind! Brilliant that you covered this so thoroughly.

All the best,


Marcus Baker April 6, 2011 at 5:14 am

Hi Jayne,

Re-programming our minds for success is something we should all give our attention to and you have provided some great tips in your post.

What is important to remember is that we are all totally unique. Not one of us has been through the exact same experiences as a child so our journey to change will be unique too.

The time it will take to re-program our minds and the tools that will work best may not be the same as for someone else.

Often I come across people who apply certain strategies that don’t work, they become discouraged thinking it is because of themselves which is not true and which ironically just sets them back with their re-programming.

Never give up and never compare yourprogress with someone elses cannot be truer when dealing with things of the mind.



Steve Nicholas April 4, 2011 at 8:45 pm

Great post, Jayne! I’m reminded of something I read in “The Slight Edge,” where Jeff Olson says that he read research that shows that the average person is told no 40,000 times and yes about 10,000-20,000 times by their fifth birthday. He said that he knew that there wasn’t something he and his wife could do about the number of no’s, so the decided to increase the times they said yes. He said that they said it about 160,000 times to give positive self-esteem to their children.


Jayne Kopp April 4, 2011 at 8:59 pm

HI Steve, how unfortunate that many of us parents do not pay attention to this. I have heard that too, and I know when I raised my toddlers they were always being told ‘no’ for something.

Positive re enforcement is so important. I am so glad that in this day and age we give more credit to personal development and self growth and realize the effects we create.

Thanks for stopping Steve. Always lovely to see you.



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