Being Open Minded is Critical for Success!

by Jayne Kopp on April 7, 2011

open minded

Tunnel Vision

Are you open minded?

Today I was reading a study that stated that one of the most common reasons people do not succeed or follow their dreams is because they do not know how to be open minded.

Such a huge percentage of the population just ‘accept’ the way things are, and never feel they can, or would even wish to entertain making a few changes to improve.

They have such a narrow focus and set such tight and stringent boundaries that they continuously restrict themselves to living “within the box”.

People who are open to suggestions and discussion and are comfortable with rolling around different alternatives, points of view, and are flexible, tend to go further in life.

Almost every day I talk to potential partners who are looking to make some life changes.

Most of these people are looking for solutions and inquiring about building a business.

Once I share a few details, I can tell right off the bat who will join and have an excellent chance at success, as well as who won’t and would likely not make a real go of it anyway.

I receive calls from people saying “oh, I really want to earn online” or “I’d do anything to be able to work from home, how can I make it happen?”… or words to that effect.

I can detect a closed minded person the moment (or should I say split second) I tell them they need to learn a few skills… their demeanor changes and its so abundantly clear they are so stuck in their own ridged thoughts that they in fact are NOT willing to do anything… at all!

This is when I just know the conversation has ended!

The people who are open minded, keep listening.

I can almost hear their pen on their notepad taking notes, as they listen intently and keep an open mind.

They ask questions and absorb the answers. They even add to the conversation by saying things like “learning will only help me grow’ or if others can learn I’m sure I can” …

It really is refreshing. :-)

I used to really let the rigid thinkers get to me. Sometimes even today I could scream or give them a good talking to. … I just don’t get it.

I’m not saying that those who ‘switch off’ so to speak are unintelligent… they just find it easier to say “no”.

They don’t have the ‘vision’ of what the possibilities could be. Maybe there’s lack of confidence in their too and they need to work on their self esteem.

It’s hard to get your head around really.

I’ve have to admit, I too have been on both sides of the fence…. But not for long!

When I was young I was all ears. Went forward with eyes wide open and always listened to suggestions or ideas. I swear that’s what got my ball rolling.

Naturally I’ve been through dips as have many people, but I never, ever closed my mind completely. I may have lost energy, I may have lost spark… but never switched off the ‘possibility sonar’.

A few years ago I only managed static websites for example. I still have one and I’m glad I do… but I’d heard of this thing ‘blogging’…

I thought “what the heck is blogging’ with a name like “blogging” it sounds pretty hoakey. Just couldn’t get my head around it… but I kept revisiting it to learn more.

Because I kept an open mind… here I am with three of blogs wishing I’d started sooner!

What’s more is I’ve not only grown an online presence by having my personal blog, but made many, many awesome and lifelong friends in the process.

Furthermore in January when my friend Heather Marshall invited me to participate in the Prove It 2011, at first I wanted to grab my blinders and strap them around my noggin.

Initially I thought “oh no!” But then I thought “I know you’re busy self… but this might prove to be very beneficial”.

Because I stayed open to the possibilities, there have been so many other residual benefits that honestly speaking I can’t begin to imagine what life might look like if I didn’t. ;-)

You see, being open minded allows you to consider all sorts of possibilities and also remain open to those that are not obvious. Being open minded allows you to dream and set goals and experience so much more than being a bump on a log.

If you choose to clam up every time someone suggests you make a few changes or learn or participate in something new, you may as well hear it from me: “you’re going nowhere fast”.

For example: Imagine what it’d be like if we didn’t subscribe to using new technologies.

Actually I know people like that to be honest. I have friends who at one time would never, ever get a bank card in order to do their banking through a machine.

I know others who thought the internet was ‘crap’ and some even refused to get a cell phone!

These people are amongst a handful of acquaintances who have never grown. They are still at their first job out of high school, some renting the ‘same’ apartment.

They have big dreams, they want more and some are even ‘jealous’ of those who plow ahead and do well yet they never look in the mirror and realize its because they simply don’t know how to develop an open mind. What’s worse is they are too closed minded to consider it! ;-)

These same people are the ones that nobody goes to for advice.

Friends and even myself will say “oh gosh no… don’t ask him, you already know what the answer will be”… furthermore, we don’t offer suggestions or introduce them to anything different. We just know the answer will be “no!”

I guess this is because saying “no” is easy. It’s safe and cozy. Because “no” means “no” it means that nothing is required of you.

You don’t have to take action, you don’t have to change, you don’t have to exert effort….and because ‘no’ is ‘no’ that’s where things end! Simple! Done!

Saying “yes” being open on the other hand means that you might have to take a risk, challenge yourself and commit to something different. You might have to test your boundaries, you even might fail… but it also means you are open to all sorts or possibilities and experiences!

If you go through life being open minded it’s absolutely amazing how things just happen.

Opportunities seem to find you. If you have enough gumption to embrace them and consider everything (using common sense too)… doors just seem to … and you move through life with many great experiences.

I’ve had friends come to me with ideas, suggestions, and the occasional business proposal and sometimes just for advice. I can’t count the number of times they’ve said ‘I knew I could come to you and get your thoughts because I knew you might be open to this”…

I’ve approached others with the same mindset too.

If you are wanting to make life changes or start taking control of your own life, you are going to have to be open minded. There is a huge probability that no miracles are going to land on your doorstep. You simply must be open to making changes, learning a thing or two and stepping over your own “dotted line”.

Being closed minded is only going to hold you hostage and niggle you for the rest of your life just because you weren’t wiling to test the water and take a chance or two.

Open your mind and give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? I can tell you life is so much more exciting when you do and you’ll be amazed at all the hidden benefits!

Do you have an open mind? Have you experienced times when you didn’t?

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