Are You Soggy or SERIOUS About Success?

by Jayne Kopp on April 13, 2011

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Are you serious about success … or do you have the tendency to get a little soggy after a while?

Let’s face it, everybody wants to succeed in something, however today I’m not just talking about ‘something’ or should I say ‘anything’ I’m more referring to succeeding online.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with countless people and help them set up their online business.

Almost always people start out being motivated, “on fire” and serious about success.

The ones who are truly determined to succeed usually reach their goals but unfortunately these people make up only about 5% of the total. The sad reality is that about 95% of the people I’ve worked with lose interest and disappear into the woodwork.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I had a conversation with a fellow yesterday.

He was excited to start an online business in order to make some life changes both personally and financially, and frankly was interested in my business and working with me.

He was excited about the training and coaching I provide and loved the prospect of self improvement, the thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur and taking control of his own destiny; but when he asked me how many people actually succeed and make money, my answer dampened his enthusiasm.

You see, I had to be honest and tell him that only about 5% actually do succeed or stick around but usually only because they simply can’t be bothered putting in the effort.

This threw a little water on his fire! ;-)

The problem was though, that initially he missed the last few words of my answer:

“People can’t be bothered putting in the effort”

You see… the reason some people don’t succeed isn’t anything to do with my business, my business opportunity or working with me.

The reality is that achieving success has everything to do with YOU. (Or him)… (Or them).

My business, the training I provide and the coaching and guidance is top notch solid and if put to use, anybody… and I DO mean ANYBODY can succeed.

Heavens to Betsy… I’m not the brightest bulb in the box and if I can… YOU can!

The real issue here is whether a person is willing to put effort into building their business, if they will actually put the training into ACTION and if they are truly determined to succeed!

It amazes me how many people think that building an online business will immediately cause lightening to strike, the clouds to part and cause money to fall from the sky.

I have seen people work with me and kick MY butt, but only those with genuine determination and persistence.

It has been my experience that the 95 % who do not succeed actually do not FAIL either… they actually QUIT.

There is a BIG difference here!

They don’t quit because the business or training lacks in any way shape or form, they QUIT because they are often lazy and get “soggy” after a couple of weeks of pretending to try and instead of working on their business, they decide they would rather sit on the couch, watch Oprah and eat Bon-Bons.

I know through our industry we hear that only 3% succeed but what bothers me about hearing people chant this “stat” is that it gives the impression that it’s the fault or difficulty of the industry.

I feel this is very misleading and is often used as a cop-out for those who quit. I’ve often heard people say “oh well… I tried BUT only 3% actually make it… blah blah blah….”

This is nothing more than an excuse.

Yes it takes work… but what doesn’t? Everything worth achieving take work… but it has nothing to do with lack of possibility or having too many odds against succeeding.

Anybody can shine if they are willing to put in the time required in order to learn the ropes. (We all have to do that and there is no way around it.)

People simply get loosy goosy… or soggy and let their motivation disintegrate and deep inside they want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

The truth is if a person really and truly wants to make life changes…, if their big why is important enough…. they are truly serious about success…, they have a sprinkle of common sense…, they feel that ‘they’ are worth it…; with all the help guidance and educating provided, not to mention all the help from awesome and generous individuals already working online providing not only free resources and encouragement… all a person really needs to do is start… then keep going!

We all occasionally have to do something that is perhaps not as easy as falling off a bike, some things do take effort and we may even have to do a few things that we’re not excited about.

The fact is, that putting in a little time and elbow grease into building your business sure beats the pants off being married to a JOB, or sitting at home unemployed staring at the wall.

Can you tell my knickers are in a twist?? ((sorry)) :-)

A word to the wise here too that you might want to keep close to your common sense switch: There are no magic wands, there is no magic dust, there is no insta-cash machine, and their ‘aint’ no silver platter!

Everyone who succeeds in this industry does so because they are serious about success and don’t get soggy or lose interest just because they can’t hit the easy button! (!)

The ones who don’t can’t get past the fact that the easy button doesn’t exist and would much prefer to sit around hoping for a miracle… and they’ll be hoping for a very long time.

Did you get all that?

How determined to succeed are you? If you want to start making some life changes and you are wiling to invest in yourself, contact me at any time.

The first 6 coaching sessions are on me. Let’s get your show on the road. I’m serious about success… but the question is… are you?

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Nanette April 21, 2011 at 6:11 am

Wow, you really packed a punch in this article, Jayne.

Or maybe, as I often tell my clients, we see and hear what we need to see and hear today… when we’re listening.

My big take-away today is clearly:

“It has been my experience that the 95 % who do not succeed actually do not FAIL either… they actually QUIT.”

I often say catch myself saying that my negative internal programming is “hard-wired in my DNA”. Clearly, to continue the thought with that wiring analogy, it’s time for me to give up that old copper wire, and to expand into the wireless “cloud”.

I appreciate your inspiration and motivation!
Wishing you well–


Jayne Kopp April 22, 2011 at 11:25 pm

Hey Nanette, lovely to have you here. The old hard wiring can be difficult to replace… but it’s very necessary and more ‘expensive’ not to.

I truly believe that we can all DO whatever we wish if we want to badly enough…(as you may have gathered!) LOL

btw… I signed up for your baby steps program. I hope you don’t mind. I am writing a book at the moment and having a bit of a tough time coming unstuck. I know what I want to say… and have written it twice. Once a bit too soft, the other a bit too hard. One time a little too simplistic, the other time not simplistic enough… once in a ‘news anchor voice’ the next time in more of my own…. phew… it’s been challenging. I heard Ted Talk the other day that ‘softened’ my hard points … and I was hoping your baby steps would not only teach me a thing or two but give me some suggestions to let people know it’s ok to do things within their own time….

Hope you don’t mind!

I also really appreciate you coming over!




Allie April 15, 2011 at 2:24 pm


I am actually expecting a lot of time and a lot of elbow grease. Throw in some crying and punching my computer and we have a successful online business. LOL.

I’m not kidding. I have not “made it” yet but I do know that starting a business offline is only successful 5% of the time and most businesses fail within the first 3 years. So bring it! Online business creating can’t be too off from those stats- which you have above.

I love your quote they “don’t FAIL, they QUIT!” That is a kick butt statement. I can beat the 95% that quit.

Thx for the inspiration.



Jayne Kopp April 15, 2011 at 11:09 pm

HI Allie, I am glad I kicked your butt, but something tells me it wasn’t necessary! :-)

I know all about the flying laptop syndrome, the crying and tantrums, believe me.

I am not where I want to be either yet, as you say I haven’t made it, but have made some progress (but it’s been three years of trial and error)… all alone for most of it. Imagine how far ahead of the game if I had pulled my head out of me…. ahem and started blogging sooner?

I firmly believe that the stats for failure are because of quitting. I’ve seen it… too many times… incase you can’t tell by my outburst of passion! LOL

see you soon, I have just completed the ProveIt challenge, so Im a bit behind, but I’ll be round to ‘your place’ soon. Just recouping and getting a few loose ends tied up!

see you soon!



Rob April 15, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Spot-on Jayne,

That is keeping it real. I have written several articles focusing on the fact that nobody can want it for YOU. In the end, and the beginning, and the middle YOU have to want it for YOU. There are so many free resources offered. One must only have the true desire to make it happen.
Someone I know isn’t in the best of shape, but has several infomercial products bought for that purpose. That person is in the famous 95% club. Although for the rest of us willing to labor, it makes our path a bit less crowded. Good call Jayne.
Live it LOUD!


Jayne Kopp April 15, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Hi Rob, thanks for taking the time to come and visit.

You are right, we have to be the ones who get in the hot seat and light a fire under ourselves.

It is unfortunate that buying products are not the answer!! LOL if it were I would be a billionaire by now!

Hard work and persistence is the only answer. It isn’t easy, but it works and the Law of Compensation does eventually kick in!

Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you are on my team!



Stacy | Grow With Stacy April 15, 2011 at 9:59 am

Hi Jayne,
I can tell that you are passionate about this subject! :) It’s very true that it takes work to create success! As long as people know that going in it will really help them to be prepared. One time my husband and I got pressured into joining an MLM so we weren’t 100% sold on it to begin with. Then all of sudden we were getting all this pressure to go to all of these trainings, spend all this money, and use up a lot of time – none of which we were expecting. When we go pressured into it we thought that we could build the business our way – you can imagine that we were not successful at all and felt very discouraged.

Thanks for a great post!


Jayne Kopp April 15, 2011 at 11:14 pm

Hi Stacy, oh… those lovely high pressure folks!

I guess that is something that might make up for a small percentage of those who do not succeed. As you say it’s the ‘going in part’.

I think though that those who go into this industry have to be prepared to work, but should also possess the knowledge that passion plays a part. It always helps to choose wisely and have your heart in it.

Thanks for your comment, and I’ll be round to see you soon. Just recouping and getting a few loose ends tied up after the challenge!

see you soon



Gregory McGuire April 15, 2011 at 9:08 am

Hi Jayne,

Not pulling any punches, are you? LOL. I’ve honestly found myself on both sides of the coin.

I’ve joined businesses all fired up about making the big bucks. After a couple of weeks, the enthusiasm died.

I try to remember this now when I’m dealing with people myself. What you say is so true, that 95% of the people out there can’t be bothered to work on their business. It’s insanity.

And you’re right; it’s not the industry or the training. It’s people getting up off their butts and doing what needs to be done.

Awesome information. Thanks for sharing!



Jayne Kopp April 15, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Hi Gregory, thanks for stopping. No pulling punches is not my thing LOL… I was spitting while typing… I hope I didn’t get you.

Yes… dealing with people is a beautiful thing but sometimes one has to wonder what they think.

All businesses are labour intensive but somehow online people think its a cash cow. The reality is that it takes the same amount of work in a different way.

Thanks for coming by. I’ll be over to your place to glean some knowledge shortly. Just getting caught up after completing my 70th post for the Prove It Challenge.

see you soon,



Brian April 15, 2011 at 3:04 am

Hi Jayne,

Great words of encouragement. You are right on, when you talk of the good quality free advice and mini-courses and certain e-books out there. I’m new to the game, having done my own research and education for the last 5/6 months, and am just starting up with confidence, and a realisation that there is a lot of work ahead for me. Well, i’m right in the middle of writing lot’s of articles and putting sites up, and the message i’m consistently hearing is we must stick it out, and keep at it.

Thank’s, and best wishes, B.


Jayne Kopp April 16, 2011 at 12:09 am

HI Brian, congratulations on taking the steps to get out there, and also for realizing you do have to stick it out.

Keep writing lots of articles and filling the pipeline. It’s not as easy as pie, but I am sure you have accomplished more difficult tasks than carving a comfortable living for yourself.

That’s really all we are doing… and we can!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment!



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