Starting an online business | Are you worth it?

by Jayne Kopp on May 3, 2011

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Investment. Are you worth it?

So you’ve thought about starting your own online business… but are you worth it?

I suppose I should re-word that… and ask instead:“what is it worth to you?”

I’m guessing, and correct me if I’m wrong, that you are looking at starting an online business in order to create some positive life changes(?)

Is it possible that you are not entirely satisfied with your current situation and likely want more time, money and fulfillment?

If this is correct, then there is one thing you must know up front… and that is you will need to make an investment of one kind or another!

I’m not talking about digging deep into your pockets and throwing money at the first online business you see, this would be plain daft.

However, with that said, common sense has to prevail and you should realize it often takes a little money to make money… or at least learn how to make money…as well as with anything in life, you usually get what you pay for.

I suppose I should cut to the chase and clarify what I’m getting at in this post:

If you’ve read my blog before, you may have gathered that I do a lot of follow up and talk to a good number of people each week. So much that some days I am surprised if I have a voice left at all at the end of the day (much to the joy of my family!) ;-)

Most of the time, I speak to those looking to start an online business. The types of people vary, as do the ideas they have.

I suppose I am very lucky to have such a great supply of potential partners in many ways, but in other ways it sure can be frustrating. :-|

Not frustration because I don’t partner with everyone, there’s a small percentage I do work with, but I have to admit the genuinely interested people are the minority.

My irritation comes from the greater number of people who lack self esteem and self worth and clam up the moment we talk investment… whether it be investment of ‘time’ or money.

These people occupy such a great deal of my time that I now kick off most conversations talking ‘investment’ right from the start. By doing this, I shave at least an hour off my day… which is a sad reality.

Not only that, but I can usually get a feel for “who” I’m talking to and whether they are just looking for a free ride.

You see, the vast majority of people who reach out are folks who want to find a way to earn a decent living from home but don’t want to contribute to doing so.

The variety of individuals range from stay at home moms, to folks who currently work full time. Some are unemployed and have turned to the internet for a solution… and others, full blown professionals who have decided to investigate online business options as well.

I have found the majority I meet have little to no experience online… and although most of them would love to learn the ropes, very few are willing to step out there and invest time and a few dollars in order to do so.

This drives me nuts. :-|

I’ve said this in many posts… and I’m going to say it again: We all start in this industry knowing nothing and we all have to invest to learn the necessary skill sets to market effectively.

In other words, we all start from ground zero. Most of us who are relatively seasoned already know it is possible to learn certain skills for free, but also that it’s difficult sometimes to know exactly ‘what’ you need to know… when you don’t know … what you don’t know. :-) Did you get that?

When I first started online, I was willing to do whatever I needed to do in order to learn, and didn’t mind throwing a few well spent dollars at my education either. I was also willing to put in as much time as necessary to get the wheels turning.

You see, to me, I’m worth the investment!

Now I know that some folks do spend ridiculous amounts of money to get started. I’m not saying you should… and actually I strongly advise against it; however a few smart investments can save you a tremendous amount of time.

I spent just shy of $1,700 for a good solid business with lots of training, resources and support readily available at my fingertips which put me so far ahead of the game that to me, it was worth it.

Not only did I have a full blown established business opportunity to market, in the personal development genre (which is something I enjoy), I had a variety of calls to attend to help me through getting started, ongoing training and support every time I had a fart cramp….and an excellent coach at the time.

I was able to not only learn to earn simultaneously… but also earned my money back in a very short period of time. In fact, I earned $1000.00 within the first 10 hours of marketing. :-)

Unfortunately (and sadly) this does not happen every ten hours… or even every day for that matter :-( … however I was learning so much and putting it into practice that it’s worked out the way I had hoped.

Naturally, I have invested since in numerous courses to propel me further ahead as I mentioned in my last post where I shared two awesome affiliate marketing courses… some of the investments were not exactly what I had hoped… but some were blinking awesome as are the ones I shared.

Either way… I was worth the risk.

Though there are ‘freebie’ opportunities out there… there are not many that are instantly gratifying, nor am I aware of any ‘hands off’ ventures. (To the chagrin of many)

Sometimes in order to get off to a faster start… and shave months (sometimes years) of your learning curve, a small monetary investment can put you in an income earning position much sooner than if you skimp out on yourself at start-up. (In addition to elbow-grease of course).

I suppose however, this has to be a personal decision based on what you feel you are worth… or what it’s worth to you.

If you were interested in becoming involved with an online business opportunity, including marketing training, help to get your own website or blog in place, and coaching to get you on track… would it make sense to you to invest a little time and/or money?

I know right off the bat that about 5% of you reading this post will think “Hell yes… I’m worth it…” but the other 95 % of you are thinking “oh… hmmmm…. Errrr… but I don’t know anything about marketing… and what if, what if, what if???”

I have friends like this too. Don’t get me wrong… I love my friends… but so many of them will approach me and ask if I can help them get set up with a website or blog.

When I offer my time for free… they’re all over it. Frustratingly, however, In some cases once I suggest they ‘should’ pay for hosting (about $10 bucks per month)… that can put an entirely different spin on things.
(Believe it or not)

Like… hellooo??? I feel like throwing in an adjective here… but I will just say it with my inside voice. ;-)

Furthermore, and this drives me zingy… they will be the first to go out and finance a new car… or go out for dinner just about every single weekend.

I find it so blinking mind boggling that someone is not willing to invest in themselves and in some cases are so engrossed with hanging onto their wallet when starting an online business that could just be the best move they made and serve them well… for years down the road. (sigh)
What gives??

So please… if you are amongst the 95% who stutter and stammer… ask yourself: “Self… do you want to start your own online business?” Then ask “what is it worth to you?”

Then… let me know your thoughts.

If you’re not worth it… go buy a new purse or a new pair of shoes, but when you return from the mall, please take the time to leave me a comment so I might be able to understand more of where you are coming from. I’d really appreciate some clarity.

I know there is a certain stigma when it comes to internet marketing. 50% of the population instantly think “scam’… while a huge majority of others think ‘instant cash’….

Neither of these opinions are correct.

Setting up a solid online business can be the best way to earn a comfortable living from home if you are willing to invest some time, hard work and sometimes a little money.

It’s not that I would ever suggest you should jump in and throw money irresponsibly… but a few sensibly spent dollars can make a lot of difference if you use your noggin.

I guess the question is… are you worth it?

What do you think… ? Please leave me a comment. Oh, and I’m also curious to hear from you if you currently earn a full time income without investing either time or money in your online business (or any other business for that matter) would you share your secrets with the rest of us?

If you are serious about investing a little time and money into an online business, and feel you are worth it, feel free to contact me at any time.

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Josh Garcia May 7, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Hi Jayne,

Well said! As with any business there is development growth that comes along with it. Some individuals understand this and other don’t. It is all part of being self employed.

Have a great day…


Jym @ Attraction Marketing May 7, 2011 at 4:05 am

“This drives me nuts.”

Well said Jayne! Wanting to succeed in making money online in your own business is like wanting to pick apples from a tree you’re not willing to plant.

Finding the right people to share your time and opportunity with is a really key factor to growing your business, or sharing your time wisely (depending on the approach you’re taking).

Many simply want a free ride and have their eyes lit up by promises of easy money. Others need so much convincing and are subconsciously configured to prove that it’s all a scam. Either of these are not worth your time as a business person.

The ones who know that they’re worth it, are worth it to you to spend time with too…
Thanks, really enjoyed the insights you shared here.
All the best,


Diana Simon May 5, 2011 at 10:24 pm

Hi Jayne,

What a great post! Thanks for being honest and upfront. I have also come across people who are adamant about starting their own business but when they need to walk the talk, while, they simply don’t show up.

I think we are in a society which feels that they success should be served to them in a golden platter. This post is a good wake-up call for those who think that they can get success overnight without lifting a figure or putting their time into it.

For me, I am definitely worth it and that’s why I have been cutting back on my sleep to get blogging. It hasn’t been an easy decision to show up when you really don’t want to. But I am worth it!

You gave good advice that it doesn’t require a huge investment of money to learn the ropes. There are good programs out there for a lot less but again, you need to do the research. I am also one for learning and implementation at the same time. It’s a continuous journey!


Jayne Kopp May 6, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Hey Dianna, you hit the nail on the head. It really is about walking the talk. People do want things handed to them on a silver platter… hence never move forward.

Building success is a continuous journey and sometimes it’s not a bed of roses. For those who are willing to take action and move forward, they will more than likely see results if they play their cards right.


Allie May 5, 2011 at 11:52 am

Gosh Jayne, could you be more mean? LOL! “If you’re not worth it… go buy a new purse or a new pair of shoes, but when you return from the mall..” I’m just kidding, but you are telling the truth (and I know you’re not a mean person).

I know I am worth it but can you tell my husband? OK, he does have reason to believe I should not spend any money on my NEXT HOBBY: Blogging. Really? Would you? If your spouse said she was gonna be a real estate agent, no, a bookkeeper, no, an accountant, naw, I’ll just take up photography. That was me. I’ve had a lot of “hobbies” that lead nowhere. I even blogged years ago and gave up. BUT I CAME BACK and with guns loaded!

I love blogging and internet marketing. I firmly believe I should have gone into marketing in college but didn’t.

I will, eventually, make my move a spend money to make money, because I am worth it. But let me work the hubby first, :-)



Jayne Kopp May 6, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Hi Allie, Ooops… did I really say that with my ‘outside voice’? It sure felt good though.

Thankfully I never have been a flipper… not that being a flipper is bad… it never hurts to try different things. I am glad you returned to what obviously felt right.

The problem with my husband….(well… significant other it’s just easier to say ‘husband)… is he really doesn’t get it.

My ex would have been all over it… that’s the part I really miss.

I think however, the winds of change started when I commenced seeing results. Now the tune is not negative at all… not that it was… I just used to get a lot of rolled eyes.

Hmmm… who’s laughing now?

The only way to get your husband on board is to prove it… and you will!



Oliver Tausend May 5, 2011 at 7:23 am

Hi Jayne,

enjoyed your little rant. People searching for solutions are definitely the majority compared to people who are really willing to buy a solution. My mentor Big Al says: Needs vs. wants – they need our business, but they don’t want it. We all “need” more money, but do we want to ? A good question to ask those people is:”How long can you wait …?” For example, to make more money.

Finally, I asked myself: Hm, how often do I reject what I need, for whatever reason, in most cases emotional ones, for example exercising more. My honest answer is: Very often. So we’re all humans, are we not ?

The secret is to find who’s worth spending our time with, in order to save an hour, as you note, or even more per day.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care



Jayne Kopp May 6, 2011 at 1:08 pm

HI Oliver, yes… who is worth OUR time is the question when we are already rocking.

I actually have another ranting post lined up asking ‘what is the alternative’… so to speak…

I always love the fact you ‘get my greenness’ and can see my point!



Jane | Blogging Tips May 5, 2011 at 2:22 am

OK I get your point. There is nothing that could simply pay off with 0 time and 0 efforts and heck with $0! I think blogging is no different.

With my experience in blogging so far, I am finding my blog to be worth it and I HAVE invested responsible amounts on money on services and resources. Yes, it works two ways, I value my blog, consider that it is worth spending those dollars. At the same time I must be worthy of running a blog, so I equip myself with resources, skills and I put in my hard work and time.

I am sure if people don’t agree at this point, they are not worth blogging as business. But for fun, may be it is fine :)

Oh that was a wonderful post by the way and just like Janet, I am smiling all way down your post. It feels relieving for me to write this comment :)



Jayne Kopp May 6, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Hi Jane, I am glad you get the point. Yes sometimes we need to use what we have as I recently spoke about … then step out and invest some money. If we have a lot to work with… find. For those who want to get going… then time is where they should invest… and make some to get the show on the road.

Glad you enjoyed the post.



Janet @ The Natural Networker May 4, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Jayne, aloha. Your post had me smiling all the way through because I know so well the conversations you are having and the thoughts in your head. Just when I think people can’t surprise me any more with comments about our businesses or why they can’t possibly spend $____, they succeed in totally blogging my mind.

Happily, I have been doing this for so long that I truly appreciate their inventiveness and, as they are relaying their tale, I’m thinking: “Wow! Wait until I tell ______, this one will really blow their minds!”

Jayne, as you well know, it all gets down to priorities. The people who don’t have the money or the time to invest in their own business, in themselves, in their families and in their futures, choose instant gratification instead of delayed and lasting gratification.

Over the years I have owned many businesses in diverse fields and I have yet to find one that did not require an investment of time and money. Heck, even if you were the most successful blogger in the world from Day One, unless you are typing your blog on your employer’s computer, you still had to pay money for the computer, the online connection, the electricity. And, you still had to spend your time typing it! Thus, money and effort are involved in that example as well.

That being said, Jayne, I’m open. If you do have a commenter who shares the secret to “money free, effort free” success with you, please do share it with your friend in Hawaii.

Thx for the smiles. Best wishes for a terrific week. Aloha. Janet

P.S. You must feel sooooooo much better getting that off your chest. Take care, my friend.


Jayne Kopp May 6, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I knew you would get the point Janet. Everything costs ‘something’ whether it be time, money or effort. It is amazing how many want a free ride.

I will definitely keep you posted if I find something that will allow us to eat bon bons and watch Oprah… and earn a fortune.

Talk soon… thanks for stopping as always



Adrienne May 4, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Your experience is exactly like what I dealt with when I first got involved in network marketing. I couldn’t believe the number of people who would call me daily wanting to learn how to get started and then hem haw around when they realized it took both money and time. Dah!!! This is a business.

My question would be “if you could invest in a business that has the potential so you can eventually quit your full-time job and build a financial future for your family for less than $2,000, would you do it?” That’s really the real question here! Most people are just too lazy and don’t have the drive or desire to have something better for themselves. I’ve learned that until they lose their full-time income and are faced with loosing everything they have, that’s when their desire kicks in. That’s a shame…

I work full-time online Jane and it took a LOT of hard work and time. I knew nothing coming into this but I had the drive and determination to do better for myself. It wasn’t easy but it sure was worth it!

Thanks for this wonderful post. You are definitely speaking the truth here.



Jayne Kopp May 6, 2011 at 1:14 pm

HI Adrienne

I still fiddle with people with ‘no go’ as my mom always says. It drives me nuts. Now I just tweak the weeding process. Why let people waste your time? I have little time… but what I do have I sink everything into what I do… and yes… it is worth it.

I am so glad your rewards have paid off too. I can imagine the work you have done… from first hand experience!

Lovely to see you



Catarina Alexon May 4, 2011 at 11:56 am

Am definitely worth an online business.:-)

However, I’m currently at home in Sweden and would have to pay 65-70% of reveunue to the authorities + VAT. So I don’t see the point.

Sincerely am not surprised that a lot of people waste your time. Don’t know if you are a member of Linkedin or not? However, lots of members of Linkedin waste your time by sending you messages asking you to do things for them that they would have to pay thousands of dollars to get done. Needless to say you decline. The reason is the same, they are looking after number one.


Jayne Kopp May 4, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Hi Catarina, I am surprised that anyone would be in business at all if it were not worth it to be so in Sweden.

I know Taxes are an issue here and in many countries … my take on it is, that a percentage of ‘something’ greater than current is better than nothing at all. (if that makes sense). For me, whether I worked away from home, or ran my own offline business as I did in the past, I would rather work for ME… online or offline than an employer.

since I sold my offline business to stay home with the kids, my BIG WHY is important enough for me to learn new skills and invest in ways to do it from home. (my kids, BTW are my BIG why).

Now I work from home in the personal development industry… and yes I work hard, and yes I pay tax… but I have to earn from somewhere anyway, better for me to have learned to do what I do and love it… taxes or not.

Linked in, yes I am a Linked in member. I have not experienced people asking me for things at this point, but have established some partnerships. Not many, maybe one or two.

It seems you are writing a blog, do you earn from it. If you are writing anyway… and seem to do it very well… would it not make sense to turn it into an income earning solution even if you do have to pay tax on it?

Just curious.

I am SO pleased you stopped by. Lovely to meet you. Is the Internet not a great tool… connecting people from all over the world? I’m in Canada.

Hope to hear from you again. Thanks for leaving such a great conversational comment.



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