Law of Attraction in My Life – Pretty Cool to Positively Putrid!

by Jayne Kopp on January 23, 2012

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In my last post “The Law of Attraction is Working For You  – Like it or Not”, I promised to share a few occurrences in my own life… the good, bad and plain ugly!

I, like many people, have experienced a series of “up’s and downs” and when I look back now, its plain to see the only reason any of them materialized is because I attracted it.

Oh, yes… I know you’re likely at this point rolling your eyes and thinking “oh here she goes with the Law of Attraction stuff again”.

If this is the case, I’m hoping you will just bear with me so I can explain. 

First of all, I’m not an “off the wall” person who spends my time tiptoeing through the tulips singing the praises of the Universal Laws, in fact many people I  meet don’t hear anything about my ‘personal development business’ or my belief systems… that is unless of course they ask.

To be honest with you, over the years I have spent most of my life just living, and running my offline business… that is of course until I sold my shares to come home and stay with my children.

I will admit up front however, that in my younger days particularly I was incredibly successful.  It just seemed (well, actually it didn’t seem”.. it was) that anything I set my mind to, no matter how ‘out there’ the idea may have been, it just worked. (And worked well!).

I tend to believe, however that as life goes on and as we are exposed to more and more new experiences, and at one time or another, each and every one of us might encounter something that sends us for a loop and might even bring us to our knees.

I believe that due to a few experiences that dampened my moral… the “Midas Touch” I used to have became less prevalent in my life… and there is a reason for that.

You see, back in the good old days, I just thought I was incredibly blessed … and maybe even lucky.  Now of course, because I understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that my attitude had more to do with my successes than my smarts or capabilities… it all makes perfect sense.

Here are a few examples of the things I accomplished (some at a very young age that left others ‘gob-smacked”).  As I lead you through, you’ll begin to see the decline in my ‘luck’ (so to speak) and you might even be able to see why… but you’ll also see how I was able to turn things around to get me to where I am today which is very content with life.

As a youngster, (and I’m talking 13 years old) my dad encouraged me to dream big.  He told me that I could accomplish anything …and that the best way to do this was subscribe to being a “free enterpriser” and having a positive attitude.

My dad also told me that anything was possible and I could BE whatever I wanted.  He took me to an ‘own your own business’ seminar that was held here in Vancouver, BC.  When down at this event,  I spotted a little tiny press that printed ‘prestige business cards’.  It really caught my eye.

Back in the day, we didn’t have all these inexpensive, screaming deal options for business cards like we do now, so being able to print something incredibly fancy with Gold Leaf like foil print was ultra special!

I was so excited about this business that I bought it with savings that I’d built from working at a local Dairy Queen.

I set the press up in my parent’s basement and proceeded to ‘tell’ everyone who had ears about my new venture.

I went on the meet some of the most interesting people… and because I was so enthusiastic and so young people were talking.

I was lucky enough to meet a fellow who was a top producer for Amway in our area.  He invited me to many of his meetings… and I’m telling you these meeting were often in ‘standing room only’ halls.

Because he was “free enterprising” he was very impressed with me, so always made sure he introduced me to the crowds and told them what I did.

You would not believe the line ups I had in front of me waiting for me to take their orders!!

I did VERY, VERY well. 

I truly believe that this all happened because of my enthusiasm and the fact I expected nothing less… after all my dad told me I could make anything happen if I was serious about success.

As time went on, I did sell my little press to get into marketing Wicker and Rattan when it was popular and started selling at ‘home parties’ similar to many other home businesses.

Again, I did very, very well…. And again expected nothing less.


When I was 18 I decided to buy a house.  Everyone said “how on earth is an 18 year old going to be able to buy a house?”… particularly when I had only just graduated from high school.

I didn’t think there was anything ‘un-doable’… I just expected that I would buy a house and set the intention to do so.

Within a very short few months I did indeed find the cutest little house right in my own neighbourhood.

There were a few challenges in getting a mortgage approved,  due to my age and obviously I had not built up a credit rating yet.  My dad was self employed in Real Estate so he was not the prime candidate (even though he did well) to co-sign.

With a little research, I ended up finding an ingenious financial planner who was able to make me look worth more that I was. :-)

At the end of the day I ended up with the house I chose and my goal was met!

At this point, the one hurdle I had was that,  if truth be told couldn’t afford the mortgage comfortably and still ‘eat’… so this was a bit of a concern… so I set my mind to finding a room mate.

One night after pulling an afternoon shift at a hotel where I now worked as a Front office Manager (and yes… I was a Manager at 18… because I ‘wanted’ to be and knew I could) … (that’s another story in itself that is obviously based on my producing the right vibes)…. I popped into a local bar.  (Did I say that with my outside voice?) :-)

I live in a town that used to be very small… all of us ‘young ‘ens” used to congregate at a little hole in the wall pub… we knew everyone in there so it was  quite safe… a bit like “Cheers”…) sorry I digress.

When I walked up to get a drink, I ran into a girlfriend who I had not seen for “donkey’s years”.  She told me she was looking for a place to live in the area… and did I know or anyone who had a suite or  needed a room mate?

I told her about my house and that I needed a roommate… and Bingo!  Problem solved!

As time went on while at my ‘hotel job’ I received a couple of additional promotions and ended up being one of the catering managers.

It was a fun job, especially promoting weddings but after a few years of working every single weekend… planning the weddings of others, in the back of my mind… I kind of wanted a break.   I knew if I didn’t make a change,  I’d likely spend the rest of my life planning weddings for everyone else, but never my own!  :-(

At that time however, I was kind of married to my job and certainly couldn’t afford to be without it to be honest… so I was afraid to look elsewhere due to financial stability reasons.

Then… out of the blue one day, I had a bit of a “tiff” with the general manager (I was actually in the right to tell the truth) but she saw it differently and ‘canned my butt out of there’….

When the owner of the hotel heard, he was furious, so he called me into his office which was in a different location than the hotel.  He was a very, very wealthy man who owned a number of restaurant chains as well as the hotel and had quite a conglomerate of successful organizations.

He suggested I take a few weeks off to have a ‘rest’ BUT… he reinstated my position at the hotel and gave me a date to return to my job.  He also paid me a huge severance package that he told me to keep… even despite the fact he had given me my job back.

As I stayed home … on a well deserved break, I realized that I should use that time to find another job as working at the hotel  just didn’t ‘feel’ right anymore … working the way I did, day in day out, week in week out at the busy catering  job.

I had a few interviews and soon found another job in a completely different industry.  It was at this new firm,  an industrial equipment business that I met my husband.

(might I mention, I was not ‘hell bent’ on finding a husband.  I have always enjoyed my own company… but it did linger in the back of my mind… that “one day it  might be nice to hook up with someone”.  (Just clarifying! :-) )

My husband at the time had a long time girlfriend and while I had no intentions of trying to wiggle in… I thought he was an all round great guy and thought “hmmm… he’s a bit of ‘alright’ and a great attitude to boot”.

A couple of months later…’this handsome fellow’ told me he’d broken off his relationship with his girlfriend.  He asked me out and we went on our first date.  A little over a year later we were married!

We went on to do all sorts of exciting things together and life was great.

I ended up changing careers  to work at a huge restaurant supply firm.

Previous to securing this position however,   had a heck of a challenge ‘getting’ my foot in the door.  You see, the moment I heard of this company, I had my sights set on working there.

After submitting application after application… I finally got an interview.  Sadly, I didn’t get the job on my first interview, or my second… and I will admit it knocked my confidence a bit.

Refusing to quit trying, I began dropping in to say ‘hi’ (wink) to the manager often… at least once per month.  I’m sure after a while he wondered if I was stalking him… :-)

Thankfully after many attempts, I eventually got the job I’d been after.

During my tenure at that company I received a few promotions… but there was one particular position I wanted … and I just couldn’t seem to land it, despite trying my best and giving it my best effort.

This was definitely an ego buster… and I could tell there was a shift within me that didn’t feel quite as confident as I used to be.

Despite that … I managed quite well… and stuck it out.

I was starting to become a little frustrated at my lack of control … and my inability to get to where I wanted to be.  I longed to work for myself but didn’t know what I would do… although somewhere in the back of my mind… I just knew that one fine day all the chips would fall into place.

Then… after work one evening, my husband were talking.  He was feeling a bit overworked and underpaid and needed more work life balance, so we decided to start our own business… which was to go into competition with the heavy equipment firm he still worked at.  :-|

I know it sounds a little shady, but it was an industry he  knew well and was a top producer for.  I had some experience too.  We decided that the only way to make this happen would be to go with the saying “start where you are, with what you have”…. which is what we did!

It was a long shot… and a hard one at that as we were now setting out to compete with one of the largest and most well established companies in our industry.

Nevertheless we did it and used the fear of failure in our favour to put the wind beneath our wings to forge ahead.  We managed to save a small amount of money and went out and bought the necessary equipment, found a shop to rent (a tiny one at that) and made it happen.

I stayed at my “restaurant supply” job for a few months while my husband ran the business.  Then over dinner one night ,we made a split second decision  that I would quit my job and come and work with him as he was starting to get too busy to answer phones and be out on a job at the same time.

Naturally during this time I had already been doing all the paperwork for the company  and had  some experience in that industry due to working at the previous company where I met him.

Thing just sailed and we started hiring staff.  We now both knew that we could do whatever we set our minds to and expressed gratitude every day.

As we grew, I could see the need for a bigger building but couldn’t really imagine ‘how’ we’d manage to find one.

One day, right out of the blue and during the exact time I was pondering our “space issues”, a realtor came walking in my office with a brochure advertising a large building in our area that was for sale.

It had a hefty price tag… but was perfect for our needs.

I said to my husband “let’s just go look at it for fun”… he said OK :-)

When we saw the building we fell in love with it and immediately set out to find a way to make it happen.

I won’t go into all the details, but at the end of the day, we had this massive building complete with offices and much more… right downtown in the city in which we did most of our work.

During all of this time… we still lived at the home I purchased when I was 18.  The house was super cute and cozy but it was a little small.

I always imagined putting a second floor on it.  Not for any particular reason… we could have make do at that point as we had no children… but I had this perfect picture in my mind of a second floor with vaulted ceilings, river rock columns and lots of character.

When I think about it I used visualization back then… and still do today in order to get clear on my goals.

I suppose back then it was a pipe dream to be honest… until that was, I found was expecting my first surprise. (My beautiful daughter!)

At this time the necessity for more space was a little more pressing… so we hired an engineer to look at the structure of our home to see if the foundations were strong enough to allow us to build on top.

There are many details and a few challenges but we were able to get them resolved.  At the end of it all, we not only added a second floor but we tripled the size of the house.  Funnily enough… the house looks very close to what I imagined years before when I “dreamed” of expanding.

During this huge reno, we not only lived in the discomfort of construction, but we also worked full time. (More like double time!!)

My daughter was being taken care of by mom during the day, which was awesome… but I felt SO guilty.  OMG… it was enough to kill me when I had to leave her each day and miss out on all her growth.

To add to this, I found I was now expecting my second surprise. (my beautiful son!)  I couldn’t believe it!  Joe’s arrival only added to my desire to come home to raise my own children and the urge was even more pressing.  The problem was however, I could see no way out of working full time at the office but couldn’t get it out of my mind.

During all of these events, I think because of all the stress, hard work, perhaps a bit of post partum on my part… and … I believe a bit of a mid life on my husbands part due to the huge lifestyle changes… things just didn’t continue to work the way they did.

We grew apart and again there are many painful details (bloody awful if truth be told)… but our marriage failed and I found myself on my own with the kids.

At that stage of the gameI made the decision to sell my portion of the business to stay home with the kids but I had no idea how my then husband was going to manage to pay me out of the business as now it had grown to a good size.

I just decided that things would have to work out and even though I believed they would (one way or the other)  I still felt  horrendously crappy every single day.

Eventually he was able to find a way to pay me out… and I now had mydream now of being at home with the kids even though it certainly did not come about in the way I had imagined…

Looking back, I truly think things ‘could’ have worked out equally as well if we had done things differently and communicated with one and other.  At the time though, I think we were both so run down that the eternal spark and upbeat energy we both normally would possessed  in our mindset… just faded.  We both put out the wrong signals, thought negatively and neither or us had the right attitude. 

As I stayed at home, even though now with the kids, I was a complete train wreck.  I used to wake up in the morning and think ‘oh Gosh not another day to go through.”… I was completely negative and completely depressed and even though I was home with the kids… I could not, for the life in me, imagine feeling better.

Eventually I made the decision that I HAD to snap out of it and learn to feel better… after all, what were the kids going to remember me as when they grew up??  A depressed mother who was no fun??

I also  had to pull my self out of it for financial reasons too.  Even though I did ‘well’ so to speak being paid out of the business, I was ok for a while but certainly I was NOT on a retirement plan by any stretch.

I started implementing a number of techniques into my daily life … all these things I came up with myself as well and later learned they are widely used.  Funnily they worked!! and Ill share them in an upcoming post.

As time went by I continued to make  it my mission to look for the bright side of life and began to feel better and better.

One morning I was out with the kids and ran into a friend who I had not seen for over 20 years.  He told me was a top producer for a MLM business and showed me the opportunity.  It was a juice product promoting wellbeing.

He did very well, and  after he shared it with me,   I decided to give it a whirl!

Because I was alone with the kids I couldn’t manage doing home parties, etc,.  in order to promote it, so I decided to market this opportunity online.

This is what led me to where I am today.

While I knew nothing about Online Marketing… I decided to learn it… and set my intentions on doing so.

After a while and during my travels on the internet, I came across a personal development business opportunity.

Even though I was greatly improved to what I used to me… this particular  Biz Opp. was just the ticket to improve my moral and mindset even further.

Hence this became my primary focus and my ‘real’ online business started to roll.  Things were really turning around… but more importantly… so was I!

Since then I have branched out into becoming a Certified Life Coach as well as I spend most of my days training others to market online… regardless as to whether they join me in my business opportunity or not.

Deep inside, all along,  I just knew things would work out if I was willing to allow the law of attraction to take the lead… and it has.

Now, last but not least… this is one of the more comical parts of the Law of Attraction being at work in my life:

Just before Christmas… 2011… I went out to my little guest house that I have behind my home to get my wrapping paper.  (I don’t think I mentioned I had a little cottage in the back).

I store just about everything I don’t use on a regular basis in there.  It was indeed “full o stuff” and stacked floor to ceiling Rubbermaid totes.

As I was in the cottage… I thought “oh… this is such a cute little place, too bad nobody enjoys it anymore…” 

That was the end of that thought!

Later that day, I ran out on an errand… (Not thinking about the cottage)… but for “some reason”  started thinking of a friend who I used to see often when I was with my husband.

Since my husband and I split, I have not seen this friend who I’ll call Jim for many years as he remained close to my husband while I was more or less ‘ousted’ out of that circle! :-(

I really missed him to tell you the truth and I thought to myself… “hmm I’d love to run into Jim one day and have a good chat”. 

— End of thought—-

Later that very day, (evening actually)  my best friend Julie and I decided to take our kids downtown to see the Christmas lights.  As she was driving my phone rang but I didn’t recognize the number.

When I answered the phone it was “Jim”… !!!!

It had been six years since I spoke to him… and had only thought of him a few hours earlier!

He said “hey Jayne… it’s Jim… how are you”.

You could have knocked me over with a feather!! :-)

After a few moments of chatting… he said “you know I’ve really been thinking about you a lot lately… lets get together and get caught up”.

Then he said “the real reason I’m phoning you this minute however is because I have a friend who is in desperate need for a place to stay for a few months… is your cottage available by any chance??”

Coincidence??? Or not???

I think not!

I truly believe that anything you approach with the right mindset, the Law of Attraction with help you manifest what ever it is you think about. 

Some of these examples may have been due to hard work and persevering …but certainly not all of them.

Most things in my life would hot have occurred as in many cases I had odds against me but I think because I remained open… didn’t overthink things and decided to have a little faith… things just worked.

Furthermore, I know it’s the Law of Attraction at work and it can work for you too… no matter how you feel or how much you ‘can’t see’ how it might.

When using the Law of Attraction, just respect and expect.  Don’t worry about the details.  If you set your intentions knowing that things can be bent and molded into shape to make it happen, you don’t have to worry about the ‘how’s or why’s.

Leave everything up to the Law of Attraction and things WILL work out if you have the right attitude even if sometimes in very  mysterious ways!

What do you think?  Do you block possibilities without realizing it… or do you stay open and optimistic?

Please leave me a comment below and/or share your experiences with the Law of Attraction!  I’d love to hear them all! :-)

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Akos Fintor May 21, 2012 at 5:27 pm

Hi Jayne,
I love the feeling of having a ‘Law of Attraction’ moment…No other feeling is quite like it. It is like a cross between ESP and de ja vu :) You shared some great examples from your life! Sometimes it can be a “Ya had to be there” feeling…I could not explain it if I tried! My wife & I have had a ‘double rainbow’ effect…a few times..When it was something we both attracted…and when it hits..we both look at each other and say…”NO WAY…! Remember we were JUST talking about that!!??”.. I think of the energy that we are all made of as a sort of ‘sonar’ that emits waves created by our thoughts…I know…far out right??! Our energy is like a giant magnet that draws whatever we think right to our doorstep. If you are always thinking in the realm of the negative…that’s exactly what you’ll get….It is totally unconscious….a power we all have…but so few know how to use! Thank you for your post and sharing some of your LOAM (Law of Attraction…Take care.


Tosin January 27, 2012 at 8:17 pm

Hi Jayne,

This is an awesome piece! Reading your story when you were a kid is just something else. You must be the kind of kid that every parent would dream of. Excelllent!

Yeah, the law of attraction works. I have been involved with the law of attraction for a while and it works. Sometimes we can get into the ‘gimme-a-break-this -is-coincidental’ kinda thing but deep inside we know our inner thoughts create things on the outside.

‘The Secret’ is a cool movie and one that I recommend.

Thanks for the great read, Jayne.


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:13 am

Hi Tosin, I am not sure if my parents would agree!! :-)

No, I am joking, to be honest they were always proud and supportive although they didn’t really know any different. They only had me to compare to. I have no siblings.

The LOA does work, we just have to make it work in our favour… after all it works whether we realize it or not.

I can sense you are well versed in the ‘secret’… which really isn’t a secret after all.



Lilach Bullock January 27, 2012 at 8:17 am

Jayne wow, I loved reading your story – you sure are one determined lady:)

I must admit I was the opposite at 18, I just wanted to travel the world and spent many years travelling and hopping from job to job!

It wasn’t until my late 20′s that I even contemplated having a career. What gave me the push was having my daughter and deciding from then on to work from home. People are still surprised 8 years on of the success I’ve had – but it just goes to show how a little detrermination and passion can create something awesome:)


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:11 am

Hi Lilach, Thanks for leaving such a great comment.

I am determined to be honest, but its funny as how when we get older we accumulate more experiences that get in the way of our focus. It’s something I have to work on daily otherwise I don’t get anywhere.

Most people at 18 don’t think about doing the things I did… and there is nothing wrong with that. I think there are always sacrifices. Most of my friends were out partying with no reponsibilities… or traveling the world.

I was saddled with a mortgage so had to keep my focus on not letting things crumble.

I don’t regret it however, I’m very lucky to live debt free in this day and age. Now it’s my time to have a little fun!!

I totally admire you on the success front. I still have some catching up to do but now the kids are in school, I am gaining some ground.

Lovely to see you



Kostas January 27, 2012 at 5:35 am

Wow, you could easily write a book with the story of your life amazing! Really anything is possible if you believe you can do it, thanks for sharing this great story of your life with all of us…


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:08 am

HI Kostas. I think we could all write a book on our life. We all have a story. It’s really the way you view it, and what you do with things that happen.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.



Warren January 26, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Reading through your story (it’s not an article, it’s a story) :)
One thing is very clear. You’re attitude is a huge part in all the successes you’ve had in life starting right from the beginning with your first house. (I know what it’s like trying to get approval without a co-signer) You’ve definitely got a great attitude!

Wishing you a ton of success in 2012


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:07 am

HI Warren, thanks for your comment. I guess it is a bit of a story isn’t it? A long winded one at that.

It really does boil down to attitude though at the end of the day. I do believe anything is possible if we believe.

Thanks for your great comment.



Warren February 8, 2012 at 9:09 am

No, not long winded – Detailed and informative! :)

Anytime Jayne.


Lesa January 26, 2012 at 1:47 pm

I have lots of examples of the LOA at work in my life, but my favorite involves my boyfriend.

I’ve been married and divorced twice (I’ll save you the details). After taking a break from dating after the second one, I got *really* clear about the kind of guy that I wanted. My “list” included characteristics that I had never actually seen expressed in a man, but I just knew they existed and I want someone who had them.

I didn’t share my list with anyone, but I did speak it out loud. And since I felt like I was asking for a lot, I added “I know this is a lot to ask for, so I am willing to wait.”

But I didn’t have to wait long… in fact, I met Jason only 6 weeks later! Oh, and I should mention, he’s 16 years my junior!! We’ve been together for nearly 3 years and are planning on marriage and children together. I honestly didn’t know that such a relationship could exist. If I had, I would have waited for it. I feel blessed and grateful every day.

Thanks for sharing your story and letting me share mine.


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:06 am

HI Lesa, lovely to hear about your experiences. (wow, cradle robber you!! :-) ).

I love the way you spoke aloud. I do the same. I throw everything out to the universe and it’s amazing what comes back.

Thanks for sharing your story. Lovely to know you.



Viviana January 26, 2012 at 10:13 am

Jayne, your story is wow, complete and extremely interesting. I’ve never read a blog post that is long like yours. The law of attraction is my favorite subject too. Thank you for sharing and I guess more people will believe in LOA because of your story.


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:04 am

Hi Viviana, thanks so much for your comment. My purpose is really to encourage others to keep an open mind and not let negative thoughts get in the way of advancement.

The truth is, we can ALL put the LOA into action, and it matters not what we ‘call it’… it’s the way it is.




Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage January 26, 2012 at 2:47 am

Hello Jayne! Thank you for letting us into your life. I feel like a little birdie perched on your shoulder from where I’ve been watching your life unfold from your teenage years. I feel like I know you for ages. :) I love your folksy way of communicating, which makes you very accessible and likable.

The arc of your life story does a splendid job of illustrating the Law of Attraction. I’ve had a similar experience with LOA. I did amazing things in my younger days simply because I believed (naively) that I could do anything. Then the magic wore off and I went thru a slump. Now, like you, I’m in the phase of conscious creation. And life’s good again!


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:03 am

Hi Sage, I love the way you put it “conscious creation”… that’s exactly it.

It’s funny isn’t is, that when we are young, we do not have as much ‘clutter’ to skew our dreams. We really do have to get back into that phase because the reality is, nothing has ‘really’ changed, except the way we think.

Always lovely to see you Sage. I appreciate your fantastic comment.



Stacy January 25, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for sharing and opening your life up to us! :) You always have such interesting stories and you gave some great examples of how we attract things that come into our lives! I never saw that before I started really studying personal development but now it makes so much sense!

Thanks again for sharing!


Jayne Kopp January 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm

It really does make sense doesn’t it Stacy. Staying positive just naturally brings results. You’ll notice when I started to slide a bit… things slid too.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to be SO close to you this weekend. I’m going to be in Bellevue for two days, Fri and Sat. My daughters cheerleading team is performing at the Meydenbauer Center. You are in Seattle aren’t you?



Hezi January 25, 2012 at 2:59 pm

I used to not believe in personal development. I didn’t see “the secret” (in fact I haven’t seen it to this very day although I read a lot about it). And the “law of attraction” was even more hard to believe, it still is. Still, I see the power, and the results on my life, since I started using these concepts. In addition, like in your story, I am thinking on everything that I accomplished in life and I realize that everything that I have achieved is because I just knew that I can do, so as a result, I just attracted these things to me. So I am becoming a believer, and thanks for sharing your stories, because they help me strengthen my faith :)


Eugene January 24, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Hi Jane!
As people say, the thoughts tend to materialize. So in order to get or achieve something you have to believe in it. And believe strongly. Then you might see the Law of Attraction in action (hm, the rhyme is here)))


Jayne Kopp January 25, 2012 at 8:55 pm

LOL Eugene. You are a ‘poet and din’t Knoet” LOL.

Yes you are right though… it’s all about the belief.

thanks for stopping by.



Melody | Deliberate Receiving January 24, 2012 at 11:16 am

Wow Jane. What an awesome story. Really made me go over my own life and took me back to some great and not so great moments. I love how you’ve recognized that you attracted all of these events and how you seem to have made peace with them all. That’s awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing this!



Jayne Kopp February 6, 2012 at 1:54 pm

HI Melody, how lovely to see you. Can U tell I’ve been behind the 8-ball these days. Just catching up on all the awesome comments.

It’s nice to sometimes go over some of our great… and not so great moments. I like reviewing sometimes. At the end of it all, I just feel so much gratitude even for the ‘not so great’.

I think you have to make peace with the disappointments otherwise you just stay stuck. I like to look at disappointments as ‘opportunities for improvement’… then I set out to make them right.

Lovely to see you girlfriend. I’ll pop over and have a look at you soon.



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