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by Jayne Kopp on February 3, 2012

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In my last post I spoke about the necessity to feel better and a few easy to implement tips to improve your physical well being and staying healthy to the best of your ability.

While this is a bit of an ‘unusual post for me’… not so much related to personal development… but more to protecting your health

You see, today, I’d like to ‘discuss’  a few potential environmental health concerns I feel we should all take a little more seriously than some of us do.

Now, what I’m throwing out there today is only my opinion.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t have any medical training… but I have always been a deep thinker…and tried to use a bit of common sense,  even more so since one of my very good friends passed away a year ago in January.

As mentioned in my last post, there are simple adjustments to our routine that can be made to make the world of difference to our overall well being and help us to feel better and increase energy, etc.

With that said, even though my suggestions on my last post are in my opinion, habits we should all implement, there are still other things we all face in the way of  environmental bombardments.  Many of these are not all that easy to dodge… unless we moved to a mountain top somewhere far away from the rest of the world.

Even though we may never be able to avoid some of the challenges our immune systems face these days, I feel the following items should be something we all need to think about more often and should try our best to circumvent when we can:


Our food sources in our day and age are utterly pathetic.  Produce is more often than not, sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and not to mention grown with fertilizers and other chemicals.

To me, it’s a pretty scary to think of all the ‘chemicals’ we ingest on a daily basis.  I’d like to suggest that whenever possible; make organic selections… even though you’ll often hear some say ‘there is no difference.

In any event, even if you don’t go totally organic… at least always wash your produce the best you can and eat as close to “fresh” and as clean as possible.

When it comes to canned foods… try to limit your intake.  If it’s not bad enough the food itself is often laden with preservatives, I recently heard the coating on the cans  contains the Bisphenol A (BPA) – a chemical to harden and cause the lining/coating on the tin to dry quickly before they fill it with food.

These BPA’s are the chemicals we are also warned about contained in plastic bottles.

I’m not sure if you’ve every heard that you should never drink bottled water if it’s been in a car or exposed to heat.  In fact, they also say you shouldn’t drink water that has been stored in these bottles for a long time either. The reason is that plastic contains this chemical (BPA) which is known to cause cancer and other ailments and it is said to leech out over time into the water… or even pop and juice.

Always, always… if purchasing water in plastic bottles,  make sure it’s  labelled “BPA Free”… even then… I choose stainless steel containers for my kids to take to school.  I think we should all try to avoid plastic when we can, no matter what it’s labelled. 

Packaged Foods: 

If you must eat packaged foods, at least read the labels.   (That is if you must buy them at all)  If you do… do it in moderation.

I’ve already mentioned in my last post that due to our busy schedules ‘convenience’ can play a huge part in our food choices… but I’d think twice in most cases.  I just think there are so many ‘things’ in these packaged foods that are so synthetic… it makes my head spin.

I always like to go by the rule that if I can barely pronounce the name of the ingredients… or don’t know what ‘it’ is… I’m not about to eat it.

To me, packaged foods are just not healthy… same as many prepared foods.  I don’t know about you, but I just feel food is supposed to ‘go bad’ after a short period of time.  Food that stays fresh looking month after month just isn’t something I want to consume.  I shudder to think of all the preservatives it contains.  There’s just something wrong with that picture!

I’m of the impression that the food industry is fairly lax in some areas and get away with ‘filling’ our consumables with things we don’t deserve and that so many things in our food have no business being there in the first place.

Meat and Dairy:

Same with Dairy or Meat products.  So much of our meat has been injected by antibiotics to prevent the cattle/poultry from picking up disease.  The problem is that we are ingesting these antibiotics, hence making our own systems less responsive to our antibiotics … if or when we need them.

In my opinion, this is half the reason we can’t fight some strains of illnesses faced by our race these days… or it’s becoming more difficult.

Another concern is the hormones our poultry/cattle are injected with in order to make them grow unnaturally fast… and unnaturally fat.  I’m of the opinion that nothing should grow to more than full size in six months or less… no matter what it is!

Again we’re all ingesting these hormones and I’m quite sure that’s part of the reason we see larger kids these days and so many overly developed young girls.


Have you ever thought about EMF’s?  (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)

Here’s an area of concern I’ve ALWAYS thought about.  Yet I’m still a little hypocritical as well.  We have so many Electro Magnetic Frequencies / Radio Frequencies going through us all day long… it’s enough to make your head spin.

These frequencies are shooting out of all our electronics  and I’m sure it does us no good whatsoever and it’s something I’ve always been sensitive to.

For example:  I have never been overly comfortable using a Cell phone for any length of time.

I used to work for a company who provided cell phones for the sales reps. (this is back in the day they were as huge as bricks… in the early ‘80’s).

To be honest, I always felt ‘different’ on a cell.  It’s almost like I could feel the electro magnetic affects and felt ‘fuzzy’.  I used to tell my manager I hated being on the cell… but more often than not it was sloughed off as being ‘all in my mind’.

I’ve never thought so… and even today, if I’m on a cell phone for any longer than 5 minutes, which isn’t often, I start to feel slightly hoarse.

I shudder to think the exposure so many people have on a daily basis. They practically rely on their cell phone for everything.

I would strongly suggest that if you are one of these people… never, never sleep with your cell phone under your pillow or  by your head.  Some people use them as their “alarm clock”… I say, get an alarm clock and turn your cell off for the night.  (just my two bits). ;-)

With regards to EMF’s or Radio Frequencies: Have you ever thought about WIFI? 

Now this is where I’m slightly … no let’s say more than slightly hypocritical.  I use WIFI… BUT… I’m not crazy about it to be honest.

The truth is, we have WIFI signals going through us all day long, along with all the other radio frequencies from cell phone towers, radiation from our electronics, etc.  To me, it’s just gross!

**I once heard that if all the different signals were made of solid color, we wouldn’t be able to see a foot in front of us.

I totally buy into this!

When I work on my computer, I’ve started turning the WIFI off while I type my posts, or work on projects, etc., that don’t require direct access to the internet.  I see no sense in having that signal actively and immediately in front of me or going through me while I type.

This isn’t saying I don’t have the WIFI from my neighbours infiltrating my home.  I do.  That’s just it!  You can never get away from it.  Whenever I log on to my network, I see all my neighbours’ wireless networks as well… right in my house on my computer screen!

Then there’s Smart Meters.  Recently in BC, BC Hydro has started switching all the analog Electric Meters to Wireless.  These meters supposedly send a wireless signal to BC Hydro throughout the day reporting your electrical usage.

Some people are absolutely up in arms about it.  I have to say I’m not thrilled either to be honest… it’s just one more thing we have to contend with.

I know also that many of these people who are so opposed to this are likely on Wireless Networks themselves.  Some of them might be screaming for the sake of it… even though I concur, it kind of sucks to involuntarily have one more environmental challenge attached right to the side or our homes and we don’t have a cotton picking say in it.

EMF’s and Children:

What about all these WII games, PS’s and Xbox games the kids play with these days too? Here again, my kids have all that stuff… but I’m  severely limiting their time as some of these games use the kids as a blasted “antenna”… for crying out loud.

Urrggh… does the human race have no sense anymore?

 What about all these Government Agencies who are supposed to be working on our behalf… like Health Canada for example?   (Not sure what the agencies are in other part of the globe.), but to me, I’m just not sure if any of us can allow them to tell us what’s harmful and what isn’t or put our trust in them entirely. 

I truly believe that much of what we’re told about (what is safe and what isn’t) can be tossed directly out of the window.

Same with all the different approved prescription drugs so many people are eating like candy.  All prescribed from Doctors?

I truly believe than half of them should be abolished and more natural medications should be considered instead.

Of course regular practitioners are NOT “allowed” to share “natural remedies’…for fear of losing their licences.


Because of all the Pharmaceutical companies calling the shots and having too much power over our health care systems… and being in cahoots with the governments. 

 Lets face it, pharmaceutical companies don’t make money if we’re all healthy… they only make money due to illness.  Think about it. 

I’m not saying “don’t listen to your doctor”… not at all.  I always recommend listening to your doctor but definitely, do your own research if you are prescribed something you’re just not sure about.

I do believe there have been some miraculous breakthroughs and medicines that have healed millions and definitely been a blessing to the human race.  With that said, there are also so many drugs that in my opinion do nothing to “heal” these days and that much of the industry is based on greed with no genuine concern for health at all.

Sorry… I did digress there for a moment… but I really feel strongly about the fact that we need to be aware.  I’m not saying off the wall aware… or letting these thoughts scare us to death… but I do think we have to take responsibility and educate ourselves so we can protect our health to feel well and have a healthy existence. 

To me… we live in a time where we have so many environmental health hazards flying at us each and every day that we just complacently live with and ‘trust’ they are ok …when they’re not.

To be honest, if I thought about it too much I’d be curled up in a corner talking to myself and the men in the white coats would have to come and take me away.  Seriously! :-(

 Back to EMF’s. (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)

Regarding these EMF and all the various Radio Frequencies that are shooting through our bodies each and every day… many are believed to interfere with proper cell formation… and some even linked to childhood leukemia… what the hell do you do about it?

Well, here’s what I’m doing to attempt to protect our health… right, wrong or indifferent. 

I am limiting my WIFI and turn it off when I don’t need it.  I am also planning to get all the rooms where we spend time on our computers in, fitted with wall outlets so we can plug our laptops directly into the wall, rather than using the Wireless.  This has a cost attached to it, and I’m starting to gather some quotes.

This isn’t to say were not still exposed to EMF’s by merely being around all the electrical components such as computers, TV’s Microwave Ovens, etc… but I figure anything I can do to reduce the possible affects in my home… I’m seriously looking into and doing it.

I have also recently purchased a device that is supposed to shield some of these harmful EMF’s.  I purchased a Nimbus device that is meant to protect the household and keep the circuits grounded, hence protecting us fro the circuitry and household appliances.

I also wear a necklace as do my kids that are meant to shield your body even when you’re in the way or in the midst of the EMF fields.

There are a variety of products meant for protecting ourselves against EMF/RF’s.  Ones for cell phones, households, etc…. I just figured it’s all worth a try… and I don’t mind doing so.

My husband hasn’t bought into it 100%… but that’s just him.  He wears his but isn’t really as concerned about the same things I am. He’s used a cell phone since the early 80’s and had one of the first of those great big ones on his commercial fishing boat.  He’ll likely grow a second  head out of the side of his neck one of these days due to the amount of sheer exposure he’s had over the years.  No wonder he’s always battled headaches. (Did I say that with my outside voice?)

In any event, some people have concerns, some don’t.  

I am one of those people who is concerned and while I don’t spend my time ‘worrying about everything” I just figure, based on endless research that if there is anything I can do to protect my family (my beautiful kids particularly)… I’m doing it.  Period.

I mean lets face it; the kids are surrounded in WIFI all day at school these days too.  Not to mention just about every second child has an iPod or some electronic device that can access the internet wirelessly.

I know I can’t stop this activity… unless the whole world does away with it all… but I do at least feel I’m doing what I can … and at the end of the day I’ll always know I’ve done my best with the right interests at heart.

Just to let you know too, I have spent hours upon hours reading about all this stuff… and there are definitely ‘nay-sayers’   and ‘yea-sayers’   and both bring up some very solid points. 

Again, I just do what I can ….even though I can’t test for all of these things… there comes a time where you make a choice.

 Let’s talk about Microwave Ovens.   

I have always had one.  In fact my parents bought one when I was in Grade 6.  They were brand new and almost the size of a house at that time.

I won’t say I’ve used it for cooking on a continuous basis but I have used it to re heat and cook vegetables, fairly regularly in the past.

It was about a year ago when my dear friend Dan passed that he pointed out the home truths about microwave ovens.

I have always known how microwaves work… but never really thought about it.  They shake the molecules up at such warp speeds that they become hot.  Urrgh! just think about it… this is radiation people… cooking our food with radiation… and we’re eating it!  What the heck …?

I rarely use my microwave now… and am working towards tossing it all together.  It’s an adjustment and a new habit… but it makes no sense to look at it with suspecting eyes and cringe at the thoughts of using it.  Better to toss it all together.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

 Finally: Our  Tap Water Supply.  Is it safe? 

Well, I’ve been drinking mineralized alkaline water now for quite a while.

We stopped drinking tap water a long time ago due to the fact that I don’t believe our municipal household water supplies are safe.  They are so infiltrated with Chlorines, Bromines, Fluoride and goodness knows what else.

I realized the Water Treatment Plants have to do something to provide potable water to our households…and kill off bacteria… but good grief… when you stop to think about it… we don’t need to be ingesting that stuff into our system.

All these chemicals get stored in our cells and don’t do us a scrap of good.

Now of course we can drink purified water… and that’s just fine.

The thing is purified water, while it does have all the chemicals filtered out… it also has all the natural trace minerals filtered so we are merely drinking ‘wet’… and that’s about it.

And as I’ve already mentioned, the plastic bottles that most purified water is distributed in… also contains things we don’t need to be absorbing.

To do the best I can do in the ‘water department’ I purchased an alkaline water system.  Mine is just a little countertop water gravity system about the same size as a big blue bottle can sit anywhere at all.

It doesn’t run off electricity, hence no need for a wall outlet so it literally can be placed anywhere or even on the base of a regular water cooler.   Mine is actually on the fireplace in the kitchen.

Surprisingly it actually costs less than having a regular run of the mill purified water dispenser as I don’t need to purchase purified water bottles (Big Blue Jugs) each week as I did before… and the machine itself costs no more than regular water dispensers either.

I pour tap water in the top reservoir, … it gets filtered and then goes through a series of different natural rocks and minerals to replenish the magnesium’s, calcium’s, zinc, etc… the all the trace minerals  we lack these days.

Because it’s room temperature and alkaline, it gets absorbed into the system faster and more efficiently and flushes our systems more effectively to clean us out. 

I believe that many of the cancers and horrible diseases we face these days is because the toxins we ingest from food sources, beverages, etc. pollute our bodies and get stored in our weakest links… i.e. cells in various locations and don’t get flushed through the way they should.

I’m of the firm opinion that if we can keep our systems clean and flushed we can avoid many of these illnesses.

While some of you may just think all of this is just ‘hogwash’… (That’s ok)… I know I’m doing the best I can to protect my family… and apart from that there’s really not much more any of us can do. 

This whole post was written based on the fact that my last post about ‘feeling well and feeling good’ is absolutely necessary to ‘think well’ and have the energy to progress in life.

While in that post I made many suggestions, I just thought it was important to perhaps get you to think outside the box and look at some of the other reasons we all feel more run down these days… which are these environmental health risks that many people never think about.

Sometime it takes someone to point these things out to make you think “oh… yes… never thought about that’….

My purpose isn’t to be a crazy woman or be an  off the wall scare monger and worry you… but just to share a couple of ideas with you (that are solely my opinion) to give you the option of thinking on a deeper level when it comes to protecting your own health and the health of your family. 

I know people who have made some of these simple tweaks and felt 100% better.  I’m one of them.

I think we all need to take the responsibility for your health these days and do what we can… because the sad truth is, nobody else will. 

After all, as already said, it’s my opinion that the pharmaceutical companies don’t get rich if everyone is feeling well… they only get rich when people are sick… think about it!

What do you think?  Do you do anything specific when it comes to protecting yourself and your family from some of these above mentioned environmental health burdens?  If so, what do you do? 

 What’s your opinion?  Do you think its crazy talk?  I want to hear your thoughts, suggestions, opinions… further advice…

 Please comment below.

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Catarina Alexon February 10, 2012 at 8:58 am

Eating and drinking healthy food is fundamental Jayne. Personally am half vegetarian and really eat wholesome food. Most of my life, I had to carry bottled water, but since I’m currently at home in Sweden tap water is as good as bottled water.


Jayne Kopp February 11, 2012 at 11:30 pm

Those are good habits Catarina. You are fortunate your water is not ‘treated’ like crazy like ours is.

Thanks for stopping by.



Lou Barba February 9, 2012 at 8:24 am

Hi Jayne,

I used to listen to a golf teacher who said that if he put a piece of equipment in a golfer’s hand and that golfer was convinced that he could hit the ball better than he could before, that great shots would be the result, because it gave the golfer confidence when he stood up to the ball. So, if you have confidence that the things you speak of will give you better health and a longer life, maybe they will.



Jayne Kopp February 11, 2012 at 11:31 pm

That’s definitely the idea Lou. I think there are choices we can all make, but there’s not question we are exposed to more in the way of external interference than we used to be.

Thanks for your comment.



Alan Cheng February 8, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Hi Jayne,

That’s was one hell of a post! Great stuff.

“Our food sources in our day and age are utterly pathetic” – I certainly agree with this statement. I was focusing on losing weight last year and wanted to eat healthy.

When I went to the supermarket, I realized that there was not much for me to buy. Everything was sugar, fat, processed etc…

It’s certainly very hard now to eat fresh unprocessed foods.

As for Wifi, I worried about that a long time ago. Then I gave up because it’s unavoidable. There’s nothing to prove that Wifi affects us but when we can prove it, would it be to late for us then?

But as you said, we can only do our best.


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Hi Alan, I thank you so much for your comment.

Yes it certainly is an eye opener isnt it.. when you look at what we eat and what the food companies are allowed to produce.

Regarding WIFI… yes it is very difficult to avoid… I use those protection devices. I must say I feel a small difference… but like you say… I’m doing what I can.

“They” say there is no prove that WIFI is dangerous. With that said “they’ say a lot. I think common sense has to prevail at some point. There is a huge increase in cancer these days… particularly ‘brain cancer’ and I attribute that to cell phone use personally.

I do believe it will be a decade or so before people admit the dangers… when there are waves of deaths because of it.

I just do what I can… and think we all should but without turning into a complete ‘nutbar’ and worrying ourselves about everything.

(sorry to be morbid). I know you know what I mean. :-)

Lovely to see you Alan. Thanks again for the compliment.





Ragnar Crowley February 8, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Wow Jayne,
Quite a post here, lots of things to think about…
I’m in complete agreement. Growing up in the mountains quite a bit differently than most, I grew up in a very healthy environment and didn’t realize how good I had it until I moved to LA for a spell. We had a fresh mountain spring on our land and always grew a large garden. Now, even LA is much cleaner than many cities throughout the world. People need to respect themselves, others and the natural world. Don’t even get me started on microwaves…


Jayne Kopp February 11, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Ok… I won’t talk about Microwaves with you! :-)

There is a lot to be said about growing up remotely. Civilization has sure introduced so many things I personally don’t think we were built for.

Thanks for stopping by Ragnar.



Wenz28 February 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm

How i wish people will take change to realize every moment that happens in our environment, I really love every ideas that i gain in your blog. Thanks a lot.


Jayne Kopp February 11, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Thanks for stopping by Wenz. I wish people would take more notice too.



Tosin February 8, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Hi Jayne,

You offer such sage advice in this post. Hmmm…

I’m not doctor also but they all are true :)

The lure of packaged foods has got to be one of the banes of our society. Because of our fast-paced lives we want things in an instant and they affect our lifestyle. Take care of what goes into your body and you take care of your lives.

I would confess that I’m guilty of the cell phone. And maybe it’s because of my line of work. I tend to be on the phone whether with prospective business partners or training my team members.

You got any tip for us who HAVE got to be on the phone for long hours?

Thanks for always churning out insightful posts :)


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 7:43 pm

HI Tosin, so many people are guilty of having a cell phone pressed against their heads… hence sending microwaves into your brain!

((sorry))… but it’s true.

I guess we’ll all know in 10 or 20 years what the effects are… but there is already an increase in brain cancer according to the news these days. Hmmm… makes you wonder.

Tosin, I really don’t know what we can do. I mean you can only try… but nothings a for sure guarantee.

I used pendants and a home shield. I’ll find the link for the company and post below. They make cell phone shields that are supposed to protect you from the effects of the radiation.

They also say that alternatively a bluetooth or a handsfree set up is much better for you. Really at the end of the day … ‘they’ are all different people and ‘they’ all have a different opinion.

I just try to go by common sense and to be honest. the way I feel while I am on a cell.

Just think… it is a form of radiation. Have you ever been to the dentist where they X-Ray your mouth. You always see the doctor getting the heck out of the room while you are getting your X-Ray. Proves there is something unhealthy.

I’ll get back with that link. All you an do is what you can do… but I do think we should all do something!

wow… that was quite a long response!

talk soon



Lilach Bullock February 8, 2012 at 8:50 am

Jayne wow! So many things we can do to protect ourselves.

I must admit since having a child you change your views on everything. Out comes the healthy and less processed food and suddenly so does all the exercise and outdoor activity!

My daughter is very concious of the environment and at 7 years old she truly wants to save the world!

Great post that I will be bookmarking:)


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:18 am

Hi Lilach, thanks so much for your comment.

There are so many things we can do to protect ourselves. The world isn’t the way it was when I grew up.

Having a child definitely changes you and you become more aware of things. That’s what happened to me too. I was 40 when I had my son, Joe. and 38 when I had Rosie. I don’t think I thought about as many things back then because I just kinda floated through.

Bless your daughter. Gotta love kids who are so aware.

As a side not, the things I mention are definitely worth knowing… they are not difficult habit to adopt. I just think we need to do the things to … at the end of the day, keep our immune systems clean so it can fight off the environmental health issues.

We can’t stop them, but we can do what we can. With that said, you can’t let yourself get overboard either. I mean heavens, we could make it a full time job if we tried to avoid everything. ie: Sugar, salt, meat, plastic, air…. LOL…

We’d all be in the ‘nut bin’…

Lovely to see you.



Rebecca Reddy February 7, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Thank you for sharing what is on your mind. It truly is an insurmountable topic and all we should do is what we can. There are really so many things my husband and I do to maintain and protect our health ( physically, emotionally, and spiritually). And like you, it is a means to the end of Joy really. Because what are we here for anyway? You don’t sound crazy to me at all. You are living out your truth. (I’m posting on behalf of my partner but you should also check out my blog posts on Abhyanga, they will help answer the question of what I do, and you can too to protect/promote your health.)


Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Hi Becca, thanks so much for your awesome comment. I will definitely check our your posts. I’ve not heard of Abhyanga … but I’m sure I’ll find out what its all about… PDQ!

We can only do what I we can… but I do think we should all do something to protect ourselves because nobody else will.




Stacy February 7, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Hi Jayne,

I am with you on a lot of that! I want to take care of myself and my family! I get tired of seeing so many people getting diagnosed with cancer – it’s crazy! Both my stepbrother and I had cancer in our 20s. I had a dear online friend die of cancer last year. I can think of many others who have had cancer. I even had a childhood cat die from it.

Obviously there is something, or many somethings, going on here because this is a pretty new phenomenon. Is it the food, the hormones, the pesticides, the hidden rays, or something else that we are all completely unaware of?

I buy organic as much as possible though not as much as I’d like. I avoid dairy as much as possible and what we buy is either organic and/or from cows not treated with the hormones. We don’t eat beef at all – and get a lot of guff for that from friends and family. Plastic is everywhere, plastic is horrible aside from the BPAs. I should try to find you the article that I read a long time ago about that. You’d probably be interested in that.

The thing is that it is so very difficult to eradicate these things from our lives because as you pointed out it’s everywhere anyway! You’ve definitely given me some food for thought. There are some things that I’ve gotten lax on that I should stop being lax on. Such as the canned food…it’s so stinking convenient! :)

Let me know if you’re interested in that article on plastics. I’ll hunt it down for you!



Jayne Kopp February 8, 2012 at 9:22 am

Hi Stacy, thanks for stopping by.

If you can dig that article up, i would appreciate it… but only when you have time. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to find it, and if you can’t don’t worry.

The thing is Stacy, we could drive ourselves crazy if we were to avoid everything. The world has changed and we do indeed have a lot to contend with.

We just have to make a few good decisions… at least I think we should. Like me with the Water… that is primarily to keep our immune system clean. The EMF’s I use the shield. I do try to avoid plastics, and try to eat well.

Its really all you can do. There are so many other things we could do, but we wouldn’t have any life and would be headed for a nervous breakdown if we tried.

OH… BTW… I know you wrote a post a few days ago about a challenge to promote your business. Is that still on?

I would like to go along to be a little more vocal if it’s not too late. I’m feeling spunky!!



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