Starting an Online Business | The Tools and Fools That Turn You Off

by Jayne Kopp on March 2, 2012

starting online business

Starting an online business is an extraordinary experience.  Not only is it easier than ever to do these days, not to mention affordable… it is one of the most transformational endeavours anybody… (And I do mean anybody) can enjoy!

The problem is however, there are so many fools… and tools that spoil it and make it sound far too complex and have the knack of convincing you that without their “magical systems” you will miss out on “must have” tricks of the trade and will surely fail!

On the other hand these marketing tactics also lead you to believe that success is almost guaranteed…as long as you cough up and buy into their ‘closely guarded success secrets”.

The Internet is FULL of hype and is enough to make anybody wonder if success is even possible unless you’re in the “in crowd” or “in the know” and in essence scares so many people away because they feel convinced that unless they “know what they know” they don’t have a chance in hell of making it.

For instance, there are so many ad’s broadcasting how you can make $10K per month effective immediately with this ‘secret weapon”  or … websites sporting cocky looking humans leaning on Porsches parked outside mansions… with lawns littered with $100.00 dollar bills! (Urrggh)  It’s enough to make anybodies head spin!

It drives me absolutely WILD and I don’t mean in a good way… because these marketing tactics do two things.

They mislead and convince the ‘desperate’ to part with their last few dollars… (Sometimes if in a terrible situation, people will try ‘anything’ and often don’t see the lunacy).  Instead they’re lured and just dive in on a wing and a prayer ‘hoping’ to have found the solution to often very serious financial problems.

Alternatively many  ‘would be entrepreneurs’ see the hype a few too many times and form the inaccurate conclusion that ‘everything’ on the web is a scam.

Both of these scenarios are so unfortunate because, whilst there are many scams online, there are just as many awesome and legitimate online business opportunities available to anyone who wants to buckle down and work them.  You just have to use a bit of common sense when making a selection.

The reality is, there are millions of ways to make a million dollars… but success rarely happens overnight and most definitely will not be in the form of sighing up for a ‘push button’ system to create instant wealth on auto pilot!

You simply don’t need an abundance of programs, or gadgets promising the world… in fact you don’t need to by any tools from fools who choose to litter the web.  All you really need is to ignore the external noise and get cracking!

Believe me; I know how confusing it can be.  I also know how blasted and overwhelming it can be… particularly if you’re new to the industry… but please… for your sake, take the first step and start right where you are, use what you have and do what you can… even if  “all you have”  is the head on your shoulders…you will move forward.

You know… even as a full time internet entrepreneur who is already ‘out there’ and easy to find I still get bombarded with nonsense; I get calls on an almost daily basis from ‘fools’ who harvest my phone number and send me pre recorded messages telling me how ‘their push button, hands free system can dramatically build my business!

Here’s the deal people: Lose my number… (Seriously!)

I don’t want your tools… and frankly even if I did, I wouldn’t be hooking up with someone who doesn’t have the common courtesy to  ‘talk’ to me… and chooses to send a pre recorded message instead.  (How tacky… is that?).

Starting an online business is again, an excellent opportunity to create a better financial situation.  Like anything else in life… you do have to work at it and you do have to invest.

These days however the ‘investment’ part does not mean you have to pour a ridiculous amount of cash into getting the wheels in motion.

Truthfully, the most important investment is time.  That is YOUR time… meaning you have to be ‘present’ and play your part in creating your own success.

Here are some facts about starting an online business:

Never in the history of recent civilization has starting a business been so easy.  I’m not saying success is ‘easy peasy’ but it certainly doesn’t have to be ‘hard’ either.

What I’m saying (whether you want to hear it or not) is don’t chase “push button” and don’t chase “auto pilot” because if you waste your time looking for these two fallacies, you will never find them and you will never succeed.

It might be a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth, despite the leaps and bounds technology has taken these last few years there are no tools… and never will be tools that will build your success for you.  Period!

I will never get my head around why so many people think that “working” is no longer necessary but I will share a few things you should get your head around if you’re willing to take heed:

1)      Anyone can start an online business to create success.

2)      The only tools you will ever need to get started is the personal belief… and knowing you have the same set of chances as anyone else on the planet to earn a sustainable living.

3)      There are millions of ways to earn an income…just pick on and get moving!

4)      You will need to put in the time… and even if you don’t have a lot of extra time… a little time each day… or at least a few  hours per week are enough to get things done.

5)      The sooner you start the sooner you’ll reach your goal.

6)      You do not need to spend a lot of money or more than you can afford.  Many people have built businesses on pennies per day… (literally)

7)      Everything is in YOUR control.

8)      If it’s worth dreaming about, it’s worth working towards.

9)      Nothing is impossible.

10)  If you don’t create changes, nothing will change.  Like Tony Robbins says “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten’

11)  There are no shortcuts, there are no get rich quick methods, and no tool on the planet will generate cash on its own.

12)  The choice is yours… you either get started or not.

13)  Time is truly of the essence and is the most valuable of all commodities. You’ll NEVER recoup or recreate time… but you can create income.

14)  You have just as much personal power, capabilities and just the same ‘rights’ as anyone else.  Simply move forward in the direction of achieving your goals because if you don’t you can only blame yourself.  In other words, just exercise the power of choice to make changes!

If you waste your time… and / or money listening to all the fools flogging their get rich quick tools you will quit and you will never view this industry as being anything more than a scam; the sad reality is that is why so many people fail.

Chasing things that don’t exist instead of using common sense and buckling down will get you nowhere or worse off than you were when you started.  At the end of the long stint of chasing shiny sparkly things, not only will your waste all of your time with nothing to show for it, you just might end up more broke than you were when you started, not to mention, exhausted, angry and disappointed.

No matter who you are, where you are in life, or regardless of past experiences, anybody can build a successful business.

You just have to be open minded and willing to try something different and learn a few new skills one at a time.

If you don’t know where to start (ask for help / direction if necessary) and put your new found knowledge into practice one baby step at a time.  You will be amazed at how ‘awesome’ you feel with each and every accomplishment and how it soon becomes second nature.

Get the wheels turning now and you’ll be amazed at the ground you can cover in a month!

Always remember too that we all started in the same place… knowing nothing and implemented the necessary actions to get to where we are today!

Amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

Although there are ‘things’ you can ‘invest’ in to make your journey easier and in some ways, hasten results, for now… you  only really need to use the ‘tool’ between your ears to plan your own destiny and take control of your own economy simply because you can!

Feel free to contact  me if you’re ready to get cracking!

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Leonard Evenson March 19, 2012 at 6:46 am

Hello Jayne,
I absolutely agree with you, people buy these get rich quick schemes and then don’t know what hit them when they don’t get ahead and don’t earn any money. I started an online business a few years ago, and of course I also tried all kinds of tools that promised to make my life easier, but most of them either didn’t work or needed a lot of extra work anyway. The only tool I still use a lot, and it was free, is this employee monitoring software that we use with my employees so I can always see what they are doing during work-hours. I believe it is better to do everything related to my business on my own, or to pass it on to my employees, but I don’t trust software that takes the control out of my hands.


Maja March 13, 2012 at 4:07 am

Good tutorial about online income. It is right for online income there is no need oh huge cash but knowledge and dedication is required.


Jayne Kopp March 23, 2012 at 7:06 am

Hi Maja, you are right. Dedication is definitely where it’s at!




Zinedine March 12, 2012 at 4:58 am

I wish everyone not go through “the new best shiny thing” syndrome.


Jayne Kopp March 23, 2012 at 7:07 am

I Zinedine, I think everyone ‘does’ go through the shiny thing syndrome. It’s often too tempting not to before you come to your senses. :-)




Sandy March 7, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Hi Jayne,

When I found the real mentor I than realized there was so much stuff i didn’t need.It’s crazy how people can fool others.I am not pointing fingers to anyone,I forgive and move on.

Really the tools and fools that turn us of.

Well said Jayne,



Jayne Kopp March 14, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Hi Sandy… as you can see I’m really behind at responding… but seriously… they’re like savages out there flogging all sorts of useless stuff.

There are a few I’d like to point at… but that would take too much energy! I just think its a shame that so many people do get turned off when all they really need to do is use a bit of common sense… or get a mentor as you mentioned.

Lovely to see you



Sheila March 7, 2012 at 12:08 am

I would concentrate on marketing that affiliate product or service until you learn more about what works and what doesn’t work. Then I would repeat the process.


William Veasley March 4, 2012 at 7:07 am

When I first started out online, I was lured into many scams that promised me everthing you mentioned above. Most even promised me that it was going to be easy to achieve what I wanted (Money, Traffic, Clicks, etc.), but little did I achieve and what I did, I could of learned on my own. I have changed in the sense that if anything promises success over night or with little to no effort, then there is an immediate alarm that goes off in my head.
A lot of these “gurus” try to make everthing sound so complicated, but it really is not these days. We have to have a solid plan and take action. We might trip along the way, but if we keep working hard we will never fall.

Enjoyed the article! Keep up the good work! ( :

God bless,
William Veasley


Jayne Kopp March 14, 2012 at 10:40 pm

hi William, you know, common sense really does go a long way online just like any other business. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I guess the marketing tactics are so intriguing, and I suppose as a newbie, knowing nothing… they’re easy targets

I agree you just need to plug a long with a solid plan and it eventually will pay off.




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