About Jayne Kopp – The Short & Skinny!

- Regular Person
- Proud Mom!
- Had a Great Life
- Six years ago it fell apart…
- Was Sad… :-(
- Wanted to be a stay at home mom and earn online
- Didn’t know how & was a little nervous!
- Got out of my own way and did it anyway
- Figured things out…
- Found a Personal Development Biz Opp.
- I ‘fixed’ ME first… then EVERYTHING else changed.
- Was Happy! (Still am!) :-)
- Learned the Ropes… did well! (Still do!) :-)
- Started accumulating partners, became a coach & even trained them!
- I Love Life – You can too!
- I know you can achieve ‘whatever’ you want! I’ll show you how. (But…only if you want to!)
- I’m happy! 8) Hope you are too!
- I don’t bite, I’m here to help!
-Just call me or contact me through this site. (Leave your number if you want)
- I’m waiting to help you!

Cant wait to talk to you soon! Bye 4 now! (xo)

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