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Aside from my primary business opportunity, there are other ways I could be of service to you.

I offer both Business Coaching as well as Life Coaching services to people form all over the world.

First of all, I’ll share my new Business Coaching Launch (Dec 2011)

(Information on my Life Coaching Services can be found here).

Because I know the challenges of ‘trying to figure out “HOW” to get started in online, and how difficult it can be when you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ I have recently launched a site to teach you to actually get started, rather than spend time pondering the possibilities and feeling overwhelmed.

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This particular site attracts many entrepreneurial women who either:

  • Are Stay at Home Moms and wish to start something on the side.
  • Already market a home business, such as Multi Level Marketing

 (Usana, Xango, Avon, Monavie, Amway) just to name a few… and wish to take it online for added and personalized exposure.

  •  Already have an ‘Offline” Brick and Mortar Business but would like to harness the power of the internet and at least expose their businesses online.
  •  Need help discovering ideas
  •  -market an online business and need direction

I started this Business Coaching site for a couple of reasons:

First of all, I reflected back to my early days when I marketed an MLM product and wanted to build my own site for better exposure.

Back than I had no idea how to start (I mean not a clue).  I began calling all my ‘computer savvy’ friends to ask ‘how’ to build a website. (Sadly I didn’t get far).

Thankfully,  I eventually came across a great online site builder that helped me create my very first site.

Although I am still a huge proponent of that same product and believe it over delivers, I now have enough experience to help you get a site, and get it up quickly as well as provide a comprehensive package and coaching so you can start building sites (as many as you wish… by yourself).

The light bulb moment occurred when I started getting calls from people, (both local and online) asking me if I could help them at least learn to build a site (quickly). I was also asked if I could, provide them with personalized help… as many people like to talk to an actual person rather than rely on ‘ticket’ systems for support.

As I helped one person, I’d get referrals from others, and so on… and I realized the need for the service.

Before too long some customers started asking for advice on how to better their exposure and drive traffic to their site.

Because I am already a Certified Life Coach and help people uncover different solutions to grow their businesses as well as help on personal matters, and also have been successfully marketing on the internet for over four years, I was prompted to put together a series of coaching options to move you forward…. affordably!

Because I’m often teased by my friends because I more or less ‘live’ in my blue jeans (being a cowgirl at heart), BlueJeansBizChicks was born!  After all, doesn’t everyone want to be a “Blue Jeans Biz Chick”  … (if you’re a woman of course!)  Building a business at home in your blue jeans (or PJ’s is really one of the best experiences!)

If you have been ‘thinking’ about different ways to improve your own economy, or would like help on finding the right fit for you in the way of a business you can build online, feel free to contact me and lets get you moving in the direction of your dreams.

A small investment into yourself will service you for years to come and get you started with ease and much faster than trying to learn all the things you need by yourself.

 Remember, thinking about it won’t  get you ahead!  Taking action will… and that is my speciality. 

Contact me at any time through this site or at 604-928-1104.

Best regards


Jayne Kopp



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