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Jayne Kopp

Jayne Kopp


Hello there, I’m Jayne Kopp… also known as the “Blue Jeans Biz Chick” because I … well run my business from home… in my blue jeans… and have done so for the last four + years!!

In case we haven’t met before I’d like to share a little more about me, what this site is all about, and why I created it.

I am a just a regular person, a proud mom of two wonderful children and “ex-offline entrepreneur!”

If you had told me six years ago that I would be working from home as a life and business coach, full time I would have wondered if you were actually talking to me!

I ‘fell’ into this industry quite by accident. Though as mentioned, I have been an “offline” entrepreneur for quite a few years, but when my marriage went ‘sideways’ and I chose to sell my shares in a successful family business, I was left with two choices:

1) Find an alternate way for earn an income from home or

2) go out and pound the pavement and start a new JOB.

Life really ‘sucked’ back then.  To be honest, I felt like doing neither.

Not only was I at the lowest point of my life, both emotionally and physically, I had a cloud of insecurity and self doubt hovering above my head.

Nevertheless, I started looking for ways to earn a living on the internet and MADE THE CHOICE to get ‘out of my own way’ to make it happen.

I was determined not to let my life crumble… and was “hell–bent” on turning it around to be even better than before.  I am glad to report that  I have! :-)


It was a struggle at first to be honest, because I didn’t know ‘what’ I was looking to do.  Then out of the blue I found my business.

Primarily, I market a personal development program and it is really a great place to start for anybody who wants a clean slate and something positive to do. :-)


What’s come out of this experience though,  is the fact that I HAD to learn to market it, and through hitting brick walls a few times and being dragged through the trenches more than once or twice, I was able to put together a system  and then start coaching and helping others just like me and you build their own businesses right from home.

I love working online and I love coaching too.  My passion really lies in empowering others to create their own economy and build a business of their own.

I love to spend time with my kids, go on vacations or just hang out at my lovely home here on the west coast of BC.

Friends and family are where it’s at for me and being able to afford to do the things ‘we’ want to do has made a tremendous difference in the happiness factor.

Feeling ‘Stress Free’ and living a life of joy is something that anyone can achieve.  The key is to ‘get it going’ and ‘take consistent action!’  If you don’t know ‘how’  … find someone (like me)  who does and do what they do!

(sorry… end of mini-rant!)

For more ‘fun’ facts about me.. you can read this post:  :-) *here*

Apart from all of that… I’m just a gal who took up internet marketing and made it a way of life.  Whether you’re interested in joining me on my business or not, I would be more than happy to see if one of my coaching packages might help you one your way.

I’m a straight to the point person (no fluff or BS).  My goal is to help as many people as possible draw the line from A to B … so achieve success!

Contact me at any time through this site or at 604-928-1104.  Alternatively you may also find me on Skype.  My ID is:   jayne.kopp1






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Peppy | The PeppyWrites Chronicles May 4, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Hi Jayne,

I thought one way to “meet” you would be to read your profile … It moved me to leave a comment.

Your bio is truly well-written – it offers enough of your personality to show you to be a strong woman with determination and a sense of humor … I really enjoyed reading it.

Jayne, I appreciate your sharing a little of the “behind the scenes” of your life because it makes you “real and approachable” … something I think is important in cyber-world.




Jayne Kopp May 5, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Peppy, This is the comment I tried to leave at your blog, however it seemed it just wouldn’t go through.

I copied it and pasted it here because I feel you will get this response.

I am in awe at your strength and outlook. Is it not unusual that sometimes it takes something catastrophic to know who we really are.

I admire your strength and bravery. You told me I was strong when you visited my blog yesterday. (I have yet to respond). I believe that everything is relative, and frankly cannot hold a candle to you.

I am so glad you have a wonderful soul mate to go through this difficult journey with.

Know you are in my prayers and have touched my life in a very unique way today… your way.

Much love to you Peppy. You are an inspiration.



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