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Thanks for taking the time to visit this page. I applaud you for making the decision to look for a way to make changes by taking the initiative to investigate an income earning solution.

It would be my pleasure to  have the opportunity to show you the ropes in this exciting rewarding industry for regular folks like you and me!.

I would like you to know that “I know” it’s difficult to imagine working online successfully if you have no experience. I know… been there, thought that! :-)

BUT… you CAN. It’s important to realize WE ALL START THERE!! That is, knowing nothing and wondering if it’s possible.

Truth is, we all have to learn the necessary skills to get a business off the ground!

I have been working online for almost four years now… and became involved  knowing nothing more than how to send and receive emails and search the web.

If this sounds familiar, here is where I will shorten your learning curve and get you off to creating success and freedom:

First of all, I would like you to know I am a NO BS kinda gal. I am straight to the point and like to take people in a straight line to success. I work with people who are serious about making changes NOW.

I wil provide you with FULL access to a complete training site, (built by me) that will teach you ALL the necessary skill sets needed to propel your business from square one. I cover everything I did to get a flood of visitors to my site and get eyeballs on my business!

I will help you build a website or blog . I will show you how to get your site set up… OR I will even set up your WordPress Blog for you… for free.

I will share resources that helped me, in case you would like to use them. Some paid, some free.

I will explain the basic Keyword Research and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to help your site get found by potential partners and customers.

I will show you all the effective marketing strategies I have used to drive traffic to my site.

I will teach you how to build your own personal brand.

I will coach you for six weeks one on one… and I give homework!!

I know your time is valuable, as is mine. We both have a job to do. Yours is to succeed, and mine is to help you get to where you want to be.

I will empower, encourage and push you to make a go of this… but I need to know you are serious about success as I am. I work with people who are determined to make this work; people who have the internal flame, from any walk of life… some professionals looking for a change, some starting out with a thirst to live by design.

I will provide you provide you with enough ammunition to help you help others, so I allow all my partners to share my training with their partners. (this will give you something to offer… until you feel you might like to do something similar to me and build your own value). You can use my training indefinitely and I will continue to add and update as time goes on.

If you are looking for a safe, solid and legitimate business opportunity, with an 8 week money back guarantee, you would be hard pressed to find one any more fair or uplifting to what I have to share.

I know taking the inital step can be nerve wracking… but get over it and get started; otherwise you’ll look back in a year from now and wonder ‘if you shoulda when you coulda’

Believe me… if I can do it, so can you!


Working online, for yourself in my humble opinion is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers on the planet (bar none!)… and I feel it is such a shame that many people dismiss the idea due to lack of experience, lack of confidence and listening to limiting beliefs.

Having the type of guidance I provide is priceless. I sure as heck with I had ‘me’ when I started, it would have saved me months of struggle and chasing shiney objects!

Life is short and you deserve to live it on your terms. What are you waiting for?

To learn more, please contact me at any time for a “no hype”  honest discussion to see if this feels right for you. My direct number is 604-928-1104. My skype id is: jayne.kopp1

You never know what might happen, unless of course you do nothing!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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